Recapping Our Happiness Month With Deborah K. Heisz

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This week. I'm joined by live happy. Ceo and co founder. deborah highs. Who's talking to me about how we celebrated this special month and what we've learned. Hey deborah welcome back to live happy now. Thank you paula. Always a pleasure and it's especially wonderful to be here at this time right at the end of march which is of course the month that we celebrate. happy acts. yeah. We are wrapping that up today as a matter of fact and so wanted to have you back and talk about the happiness month and some of the things that we did in. This one was different for us because we had to approach it differently and that one of the things that you and the team came up with was the gratitude challenge. Can you talk about how that went and how it still going on. Yeah it's been fantastic to log onto a facebook or instagram. Or you're just get on social media and see how many people are participating in the gratitude challenge. It's not something i do every day. I'm not a social media hound. I don't know a lot of people spend hours and hours and hours on social media. But i haven't been spending a lot more time on it this month. Just because i am so encouraged by the number of people who've chosen to be grateful share their gratitude invite other people to share their gratitude. I mean there's thousands and thousands and thousands of posts out on happy acts wall that you can see that people sharing gratitude or doing happy acts. I'm excited about it. And i'm excited about it. Not just from what's already happened but from the fact that this is something that doesn't have to stop just because it's the end of march. I mean you don't have to stop being grateful. I mean i can't be happy anymore exactly exactly. I did my ten. Which is what we're asking everybody to do. But then i found myself in the next couple of days finding things to be grateful for and posting those as well quit numbering them. But you know still continuing to just share gratitude and invite other people to share it as well is something that we can do all year round. There's no reason to stop it

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