Gilford and Sanders: Solving the Unsolvable

The Doodler


Knicks. That was the name san francisco cops used. For cases they considered unsolvable the kind of cases that would get hung on new investigators in nineteen seventy four two inspectors in the homicide department were famous for actually solving them rotate guilford and earl sanders wore rimmed glasses. He had attentive is a bright smile. Earl was stout all muscle in a mustache earl and rotate a work like the rest of the guys in their department and not just because they were the only black detectives throw in. My dad is people on the sanders. Son marcus really their secret sauce because people tell them to rotate told me during one if ne-new more criminals than we knew police could fall the homicide in all. Just criminals actually liked earl mutasa. They didn't bust people unless they were directly related to a homicide and that built them trust and connections all over. The city is informative everywhere. Used to have a remember. The shoeshine guy that we would go when i was a kid over here near the old Reasonable joe's you would tell you for dinner and the guy was in saying man. Let me tell you what i know. This was especially true in the black communities of san francisco. People would tell them things. They wouldn't tell the white cops that's how they built a reputation for solving the unsolvable the round necks

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