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Thera- parts of the bible that inspire parts that perplex and parts that leave you with an open wound. I'm still wrestling end like jacob. I will wrestle until i am blessed. God hasn't let go of me at Hey everybody i'm ashley i'm person and i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspired conversations. The podcast city of the book inspired slaying giants. Walking on water. And loving the bible again by rachel evans. The book is available in paperback and audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading long. I think you'll still find this conversation beneficial and entertaining on your own faith journey today. We're going to dive into a discussion around the walls and war stories. It was really hard multiple multiple sessions of reading. Finish it. yeah. I had to take breaks and watch happy things. Yeah i mean not often. Do you go on a lake tour de genocide of the bible. At least it's usually broken up between some other things some of their crazy but she kind of just lays it all out there and there were a few things that honestly had completely forgotten about two. Oh yeah let's talk rape and genocide and all the things i'm used to the children's bibles and veggietales hard. We went x. Rated straight to the bible by unfiltered thinking that this story. The walls is based upon the story of the battle of jericho which we read about in joshua six. So if you want to go back and check out that story there you go. I'm going to give a little recap using some of the words from the bible now. Joshua took over as leader of the israelites. After moses had died and he was charged with bringing the israelites to the promised land the promised land was already occupied by the canaanites. But in joshua's six two through six it says the lord said to joshua see. I have handed jericho over to you. Along with its king and soldiers you shall march around the city all the warriors circling the city. Once this you shall do this for six days with seven pre sparing seven trumpets of rams horns before the arc on the seventh day. You shall march around the city seven times. The priest blowing the trumpets when they make a long blast with the rams horn as soon as you hear the sound of the trumpet than all the people shall shout with a great shout and the wall of the city will fall down flat and all the people shall charge straight ahead and so the israelites. Did this stay. Devoted to destruction by the edge of the sword all in this city both men and women young and old oxen sheep and donkeys. Oh boy that's a real real upper right. There isn't it. Yeah not paragraph there. So many things to highlight well. So as rachel held evans does Before every chapter in this book she has kind of summed up or done mid rash version of it. So let me use mostly her words to give some highlights of the wall story. What took the walls of jericho down. Was it the shouts of a holy army. The guttural drone of seven show fars the weight of god in the marching of human feet against a mighty empires fortress or a rag tag gang of mercenaries hungry for plunder who talked a prostitute into betraying her people and unlocking the door. It depends on who tells the story and not just the walls of jericho. What about the crusaders. On a mission from god to claim the holy land for christ or what about the spirit that carried ships to the shore of the new world and carved the american west with railway lines wagon ruts for every battle a thousand tales could be told yet we sell them here more than one of them so true Yeah makes me think about the history that the writers are the. Victors are usually the ones that right at And so that gives us some perspective and context. She talks a lot about So the whole idea is around war stories. And what those really mean and what they're trying to say because They can be scary. 'cause they're very violent especially this one about jericho talks a lot. It feels a lot like genocide late. An entire populations the definition. Actually i mean it's just it's crazy to read it. I don't know it's maybe. This book has taken me out of myself a little bit to re look at some of these things in this particular way. Just kind of go. Okay because i feel like before you start to kind of take the bible and look at it in a different way you go at it with like okay. I'm supposed to agree with this right. You know you pick it up right in. So you're looking for the things that you feel like you can agree with rather than the things that would trouble you. A few for instance like read it in the newspaper. So it's it's interesting to go. They did what And then i thought about veggietales all differently. And i'm just like what are we and it's funny. How the story also gets really buried in especially jericho in this whole thing about the trumpets like you get so caught up in. Why in what way the trumpets had anything to do with anything that really resonated with me. A lot of and i told this told the book. Study this morning that So i'm obviously a giant nerd and in college. I took one of my favorite classes was about the trojan war and in the iliad which is written about the trojan war.

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