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The sporting life and this week with the NFL draft upon us. We're talking about many facets of the draft. And that's the reason why we invited our next guest to be on the show. Mark kiss. Do is New York City police officer his new book is with the first pick. And it's an exploration of the NFL draft in decisions made by teams concerning players who have off the field and other issues that aren't necessarily related soli their football steals, Mark. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Appreciate it, Mark. This is a privately published book it's called with the first pick. It's available and Amazon dot com. And I was reading it with interest. First of all because it's it's unusual to your active New York City police officer of picture book that he is written particularly about football. What led you to this project? Well, germy I was looking at the two thousand. Sixteen draft. And there's this one player that just just gained my attention. And they were talking about how high he was going to go before the draft start in his even Laremy Tunsil. And somehow his the footage video of him possibly doing drugs. And how teams were just start. He's you're starting to dropping draft and young men I felt bad for him. I was just wondering I say whether more prospects like Laremy Tunsil that their misbehavior or misconduct. While they're young men just is gonna fix them by them losing so much money. And I guess a police officer, you know, I always thought to myself. I said you deal with young men who get in trouble every day, but they're not on this level of like they're gonna lose millions of dollars by by by the way, they act you use a lot of case studies in the book talking about decisions made by teams either to take into account or to ignore off the field behavior that took place before the draft when they're making their decisions. What's your jets fan? What's your big takeaway here? God. Big tickly was basically like how I guess some teams some teams do pick tally over of the person's past. And it's just like this alarm when these players when it comes up again, and they do the same act, and it just everyone is there's no one no one takes fault. No, one takes blame. Because I guess the, you know, the main goal is to make money or to win. And it was just and there are certain players. I did mentioned and they're coming to light for doing the same exact thing today, you know, like like Tyree till tyreek hill was he he was you know, a fifth round draft pick. But he was suspended from college for salt and his pregnant girlfriend and just recently it came up where he was involved in a domestic violence with his fiance who is child of his mother, and he just raising custody of his son tooth investigate. Violence and the Kansas City Chiefs. They still drafted him because he's an all pro you know, he's on everyone's fantasy team. But at the end of the day, he's still doing the same thing getting college. What are the examples? Use Johnny Manziel who. Of course was famously drafted by Cleveland Browns in the first round that turned into he turned into a bust. Of course, there was ample evidence for the Browns to draw upon before making that selection that would lead them to believe the Johnny Manziel would be of bus or would not pan out. So I if you were working instead of a police officer, but instead of for the NFL advising teams or or the league itself drafting players troubled past when you decide that okay? It's worth taking a risk. And when you side it's not worth taking risk. Well. The thing with the NFL is they have a like a large personal conduct policy. They have almost everything covered as I guess if I was in investigating the player for NFL team. I looked to see, you know, was individual charge was charges dropped. What is where the dieted? Did they have to take anger Benjamin classes to to what extent and it's like to report back team ownerships like listen, do you wanna take a chance on player who has been arrested in that might cause, you know, bad? You know media, you know, back, you know, complaints for us or fan complaints to me. It's just me personally, if anyone's been arrested in college for anything violence, I I would tell the team owner like don't take a chance, you know, where there's some players that you didn't they weren't even in troubling college for for violence or anything. And then when it comes to NFL it changes. So you really don't know what you have you know, which are.

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