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For John MacCulloch Very special edition of the program again really appreciate John lending me the microphone tonight to make you aware of this global food crisis that's happening because of Kobe 19 and a shoutout to a Douglas from Livonia. I just called a 44868 46 73 844868 46 73. Hey, Douglas. Thanks for that gift. 50 bucks rescued a child from starvation. You could do the same thing. Even if there we go off the air phone line stays open Go. Patriot Detroit dot com You can make that life saving gift $37 is all it takes to provide six months. Of life saving food for one child, a child of one of the poorest countries this side of the world. And today they're hungry. But because of the 19, they're slipping into starvation. Gonna turn into famine. You can stop it. That make you feel good, But I feel good on Monday afternoon to stop a child from starving, But that wasn't on your to do list, But you could do it. None the same. I wanted to leave you with just a heartwarming thought provoking Piece of Ah Mima! I'm the great philosopher of our day. Mr Rogers. I'm dating myself now, but yeah, I grew up watching the show. And did you see the just the documentary on the Tom Hanks film recently, Man, Great stuff. But this mean was going around earlier this year, and I I took a screenshot because I just thought it was so meaningful to me and very apropos of what we're talking about. Mr Rogers sitting there and he says When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news. My mother would say to me Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping Forgive the poor Mr Rogers, but.

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