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We we ever ginza truth go on the cold the while secondguessing the skeptics as the fact that the bomber the watch maytham grande who you've just coast to coast am they will become a world fair enough by under if there were all the george midnight two four on news radio kkob j listen we've been talking about this austin school district stop arm camera program yet for two years now right and nobody is listening no in fact is getting worse it's getting really bad yeah now the austin independent school districts stop arm cameras on school buses of caught approximately thirty three percent more drivers running stop signs of 2017 compared to the year 2016 started this in 2016 and it's getting worse even though they know they have it out there right eliminates in all kinds of literature we talk about it on the radio the district installed the cameras in 2016 of every quarter automatically every time that sub that a you know that that that stop arm is deployed on the school bus you're not supposed to pass it no and they've issued many violations ad many citations and the district hope that these cameras would deter drivers from passing are not stopping for the school buses but instead they found the number of drivers that their catching is auto rise now while the district says ninety eight percent of those ticketed do not reoffend the number of overall citations iran arise now when the i guess the implemented the cameras in february 2016 the district issued about twelve thousand nine hundred thirty six citations in 2017 we're up to seventeen thousand almost through seventeen thousand three hundred so from the from the revenue stream of this has been a total success is to him really well it is is poland in a lot of money for all concerned right and again let me say upfront i'm someone who did this a couple of years ago because i was distracted i was looking at my phone or something whatever i was doing in a blue through it but i think that is the issue i think people are more and more distracted by by their phones.

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