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Yeah he's gonna need like an emphasis from current what kind of us off the boil i don't know what is just the what's normal doing uh that's a great question maybe that is we we get into that bad it sounds gotta work to do a story why are we just have like i don't know like a dark garfield yeah okay is that is you know like a carbon copy like a think that i attach that's tough tough yeah that'd be tough should have multiplayer sure went on to be good no budget title something affordable get it out there for the kids who enjoys garfield is not fuck in master chiefs wild lasagna qwest's sounds like a dr feel globetrotting adventurer there you go we're lasagna we get the globetrotters in urgent new bits mean master touts wild lazaga who has now i'm suddenly way more interested in there a marriage is watching tv and he sees that there's a whole there's a scavenger on happening for all you can eat lasagna in astra chief is just like wake me up when i can get free lasagna so they cortana wakes them up and says like there's a lasagna thing there's a lasagna opportunity and he's like let's go kicks cortana off the table and says let's go from a give the covenant back their tomato sauce and he goes around the universe and two different halo's that there's one thing by egypt there's one theme like some kind of mexican city and then on italy's where lasagna from so like a space italy's italy and he goes to all of those locations it turns out all these ring worlds or production facilities for.

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