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Lot of their members are gonna be somewhat cautious system aggressive and agenda's gonna have to do. I'll do most of what Biden wants, but not all of what it wants. Hey, Ed Rollins. You've been in the White house and a lot of different administrations. If Biden were to be president, How does that work? Is he based basically a hands off. God, He just lets everybody else do everything. You know, I don't want his energy level is my sense is he's got a very experienced team experienced the system. Most of them were in the Obama administration. Uh, they pretty much you know, it's not to know. Learn on the job. They know what they want to do. I don't know what their agenda is obviously facing the two crisis is they face the virus. It's certainly still happen across the country and the economic crisis, so they've got to find some resolved both of those issues. I think they're gonna need bipartisan support. He keeps talking about bipartisanship. We'll see whether that's for real. If he has bipartisanship, he may get some of what he wants. If he wants to fight the Republicans, he's gonna lose. I think so. It was on support because they'd be concerned about some of these conservative districts. The country is split. Uh, you know, the president. Obviously 40,000 votes shift in these couple states. The president would be in office for second term. So you know, the reality is you got to be someone carefully gonna move the agenda forward to convince the country that you have the right ideas. But it's not sound like you got a big mandate and you're gonna march march forward with a whole new agenda radical agenda, So I think I think he's got a got a deal. He's gonna He's gonna be a deal maker. That's what he's always done in the past. Different Congress is about to deal with, but I think that's what crimes you, Ed Rollins. No one knows Washington better than you. Would you agree? The swamp, the Democrats, even the Republicans, all of them. Think if Donald Trump just went away, they'd be happy. They could go back to the old model business as usual. Do things the way they want. Isn't that what deep down what they really want? Oh, sure, sure. I mean, he was He was a nation of change. He didn't. He didn't do it their way. A lot of the successes that he had was because he didn't do it their way. But I think at this point in time I'll be very happy for me to go somewhere now depends on what kind of role he wants to play himself. He's still had 17 plus million voters go form Does he want to be a viable candidate and the future? Does he want to basically be a constructive force for change that you want to fight for his own agenda? I don't think anybody at this point knows what that is all about, So, but I think no one's going on about using the present squad of office and they go away. I don't know what he's gonna go away. You're not cooking career, Bill Clinton and Obama seems to be better. Hey, we're coming back. They're coming back. You know they they went away for a while. So, uh, I think the key thing is this. You know, he's kind of a big adjustment. Uh, sudden staff all the resources you had. It changes pretty dramatically and it's uh You know, the powers of the president has her enormous, and when you've had it like he's headed for the last four years, it's coming. It's gonna be real adjustment. Do you want to basically go fight for your agenda, which I think he should do? You have a lot of support. He wants to go fight for other things. Uh, you know, he'll have a big big megaphone. But whether or not it's gonna be Israel is because he hopes I don't know. Yeah, we're running out of time. But you're great it seeing which way the wind is blowing. We got a mayoral race in New York City in November. What's gonna happen? We're going to get another crazy progressive or people wake up and finally voting. Somebody that'll fix New York. We had most unpopular mayor in history in the city on my senses, because any alternative to him on his policies in a real chance of winning the cast of characters is running so far is not defined. There's no real front runner, so I think you could. You know if it's gonna be stranger, someone like that. That argue that are gonna be different than Because you're saying I'm gonna be I'm gonna be the third term for the philosophy was like to be successful. Uh, But if you got a Ray Kelly type of common sense guy who could fix the crime? We could something like that one. Great Kelly could have won. I think four years ago on this very popular a lot of our kind of, you know, I think the voters already discussed in the city both towards governor and towards the mayor. So good candidate, Uh, monastery Republican candidate but a good Democrat Conservative. Probably be very credible. All right, well, eight, sir, We're out of time, but great America pac dot com You still running that and people you still need people keep trying to protect the agenda. That's very, very important. So very involved racist tomorrow so Yeah, and, uh, congressional races. Another congressional race coming up in two years. So great American important? Yeah. Great America pac dot com. Oh, Ed Rollins. Great talking..

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