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Hello everybody and thank you for tuning into the Liberty Report. With Me Today Chris Rosanna. Host Chris Welcome to the program. Morning great to be with Dr Paul Good. I thought it would be very appropriate to talk a big event that's ongoing. A lot of people talking by a lot of people have their different interpretations. We have hours and that has to do with the economy, of course. The other big issue that's going on is the corona virus and Lo and behold there's a connection there and everybody now trying to figure out who to blame they they're blaming the virus. Four. This because it's costing a lot of money and and there were a lot of very statistics since there take. For instance, the GDP want to put up a chart here about the GDP because it's so dramatic look at that last part of that chart that's straight you red line down it's a it's a record breaker and it tells you they talk about things fallen off a cliff I, that's a pretty good description for that the market and the are Connie fell off a cliff stock market's doing great. The social is Doing fantastically, certain segments are benefiting I'm sure the banks are going to be able to, and if you happen to be in the business of making vaccine, you might be able to make a lot of money and. So it's where you look because you can look and see unemployment rates are very high you know and the food lines are getting longer and there's a lot of unemployment and and a lot of spending just think of what's happened since people got attention by the about the corona virus because it was very easy to stir up emotions and say, this is the end of the world and we have to sacrifice our liberties. We have to give up all local control anybody who disagrees with the official word about how to treat the virus they are in big trouble like. Dr Simone the the woman doctor who? Leads the American doctors. Group, and she called Americans frontline doctors and she and others had this press conference. She was fantastic and she knew the issues but she didn't fit into FAUCI and Gates's scenario. So she got into big trouble. So if you define, you know their nose laws against what she said and she had free speech and you can't even introduce that notion about the first amendment..

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