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Attorney, Elisa Jaffe, Washington State Department Of Transportation discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


News. With Elisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk. As we take a look at some of the day's top stories. New Jersey's attorney general says the armed man who burst into a facility in took two female workers hostage. Today was shot and killed by police after he exited the building with both women President Trump's nominee for attorney general tells senators, quote, it is vitally important end quote that special counsel Robert Muller be allowed to complete his Russia investigation. So far, it looks like all that planning ahead of the viaduct closure is paying off. But will the good news continue joining us on the KOMO Newsline from the Washington State Department of transportation is Bartram, and let's talk about your reaction to how things are going on this first real weekday commute since the closure. And what are your concerns this afternoon? Well, typically money's a little bit lighter than the heart of the week commute. They Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. So, you know, we did you travel times early begin early this morning, especially on northbound I five coming out of the south end. So, you know, really quickly resod travel times up twenty minutes above their normal average. So yeah, we did see additional vehicles use I five we saw additional traffic on one six seven. So those north north south routes, we did see more vehicles. So you know, it it could have the weather's been pretty good. We did see those above average travel time. So you know, we we are seeing some promising signs that people are adjusting how they travel adjusting. How they how they use the transportation network because we did see that that commutes start earlier and last a little bit longer. So when you folks to continue to stay plugged in before they go, so they know and can adjust..

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