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In the two years of true. There hasn't been a single fistfight or assault on staff. I don't know how I don't know why it's working. Lieutenant Daniel Quinn was brought up using the old school approach. Now, he finds himself defending the true. So what were you hearing from your fellow officers who are not in this unit? We're here to wipe their noses, cookies and milk and milk. Lieutenant Ashley McCarthy told us in her nine years in corrections. She's never experienced anything like this. You don't have to put on the face of strength one hundred percent of the time because that's what you have to do in terms of population. You can't show a weakness or a deficiency here. It's more human what it is as as kind of like going into LA La Land from general population. But they quickly see that everybody is here to help. What about punishment? You've got guys in here who've committed terrible crimes their punishment is their incarceration. It's not our job as correctional professionals to punish somebody even more while they're incarcerated true aims to recast young lives with incentives, repeating bad behavior. Like profanity and bad attitude has gotten twelve ship back to the general population good behavior earns benefits like longer family visits movies. Classes a prison job when Shaik winn-dixie ended up here in truth. He thought this can't be real. Because in just the stuff they were saying before like what the correctional officers. Steve here care about you. You get a second chance at life. If you take it serious thought all that was BS definitely until corrections officer James Vassar took an interest in him. Impressed by Shaikh Winn, Dixie talent and repentance officer Vasser said he'd helped him pursue his dream of playing basketball in college..

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