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In. Greg's up record story. With the fact that i had my trusty baked beans on toast for breakfast than around lunchtime i went into gregson was gonna get myself a nice vegan sausage row swaying in the queue. And this woman like came up behind me and was like well up in myspace. Trying to look at the luca's aids and trying and decide which flavor of luca's h. e. wanted in which pastiche she needed of this stuff. And for god's sake it says on the floor stand hair and stand. Teamsters in front of this. Person's team is behind. She just wasn't paying attention. My beans were brune away and they let one rip this smell sti- permeating from trousers. I smelt it three my mask and you know when you smell your own fox and the eli all usually when i smell my own fox. I don't know what it is like whether it's something in my body chemistry but usually like i i can. I don't wanna say joy because that sounds wrong but you equality check is what you're doing. Yeah of course its own fox. You can kind of take them in and they don't smell that bad to you compared to how they smoked while the people but this will make god it was strong it was toxic. The people around me just dispelled. It was incredible. So if anybody's worried about people social distancing around them just have beans for breakfast because it is the key your fuel for the day protection for the day absolutely. I was walking through the shopping centre with just a cloud of space and gas around me. That just meant that navy came nemi. It was fantastic at one not day so it couldn't have been that it was definitely the trump's where you go you hit it fast listens. You'll go to coach protection. Do wear masks. Well there's not going to give you complete protection. This is certainly not actually layer or extra field. That you need an emmy. If you all wearing a mosque maybe put some light. Lavender royal or something in it just so that you can't smell my thoughts because that will protect you as well. Las anti lockdown march in manchester again. Oh great did you. I.

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