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I want to rent that cruise ship wait no, he's he's not he doesn't work for me anymore. Davis those trash barges in the Hudson. Can we get a trash barge I? Think that might work. The. Catholic it'd be the crowd wait. No can we just get hold and? And do bash at the beach we don't own the rights to that anymore. I. Don't know what to do. So I, just all the brainstorming going through there. That was the worst I should just do hog wild again. I mean technically call an Indian reservation because they don't have to follow the rules of the government, their own independent country in a lot of ways so. The Mohegan Sun Jeff can do rather in Connecticut the Mohegan Sun Yeah though parking, but you can do it there. And our slava sheets. Yes. But you know a kid he called Dana White Dana. White ever find the. He did he did he a fight island? And, then we're having island that guy over in girls gone wild is that still around somewhere I think he's in jail so I don't know if he still has that island. Let's property of the government and he knows the guy in charge the government from making connections. That is maybe the White House lawn. An place to put this told me a wall. Donald it's like France Robert wrestlemainia foreign. Let's, do it again baby at the White House. By God well, the well we'll have a bra and panties match in the Lincoln. Bedroom has that soon. But I mean I get why they're trying to do something different. 'CAUSE you're. Right a lot of ways like the sets don't get changed much in looks exactly. The same is just a red lighting for raw a yellow light for her for INEX- Tina Blue Lifer smackdown like this Bazeley, the difference in this stuff in the crowd at lease rearranged the people in the crowd site. Oh, I know shots. He's always on the right side and I know that there's this big tall black man, the left side I see him at every show the exact same spot. It's kind of like having was the the red hat guy that we used to see it all the shows like us the same spot Yup Sinai. Our Insurance Green Smiley face shirt guy. And then the guy that brought his mom wasn't that the guys do like there was a guy and his mom read every show every pay per view for like. Fifteen years. Wrestling show where a guy brought his mom. And she didn't get booked on a on a ladder on the forklift either. So that was even greater judy double. But I mean, I get I get why they're trying to do something different and trying to think outside the box because you and I have sat here for six months instead how great a because done thinking outside the box and Wbz's been completely in the box so much so that they put plexiglas up to look like a penalty box. So they have to kind of break out from what they're doing because you know it does kind of feel very sterile and boring times watching pay per views because this looks just like raw it looks just like smackdown look at they all kind of alike. So You know knowing Vince Vincent Wacky. That that could be dangerous combination, we could get some stuff that you and I will sit here for years ago. Remember it will think remember how bad we super showdown was remember when summer slam was on a yacht. in hurricane just happened to show up at the same time in not Shane Helms like an actual hurricane in drew..

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