Justin Willman on Magic, Illusion, and Manipulation



On his netflix show magic humans. The magician justin willman. Does this trick could influencing the influences these days. you don't have to be a doctor or a magician. Have power over people. Social media can give anyone the ability to influence the masses. Just an invite three influences to a place called world of fruit basically a warehouse with over the top fruit themed rooms. It looks like it's perfectly designed fans. I've always wondered as being influenced me that you are less susceptible to being influenced overstating. It gives them a till books. Fifty completely random props an ice cube tray gravy boat amyloid ring etc etc and then sends them off to take selfies with the props. They've chosen down come on back. They return frenzied but confident. Just then ask the influences to pick their favorite picture in the favourite room with their favorite prop. Raise your hand. If you chose a pick with the simpler hemorrhoids. Dona raise your hand if you chose the ice cube tray. Everyone raises their hand fleet. I reveal somehow each influence posted a picture of themselves with the same prop in the same room with the same post complete with the exact same caption. The ice cube tray on the watermelon swing in front of my face. The hashtag was trade core. What were your hashtags trae. Cool

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