How Fat Burning Actually Works


This is the education that i wish i would received in my university nutrition in biology classes in learning truly. How are metabolism actually works. How does the process of fat loss actually work. How does it happen. Where does fat go when you lose it. does it go to another dimension. Is it going to the multi-diverse. Do we need at man to help us figure all this stuff. We're going to dive into that today. And so much more. So we're gonna take you through the process of metabolism a process of fat loss very rudimentary understanding of it. But it's going to put so much power into your hands to truly know how the process works and also we're going to dive into specific nutrients foods that actually assist in the enzymes in the hormones. Involved in a fat loss process the very first thing understand right out of the gate is what are we actually dealing with here when we're talking about burning fat. What are we dealing with here so often in our society today. We're trying to target and to get rid of something that we don't even understand what it is. We don't even know what it is it. We're trying to get rid of in. So the first thing that i want to share with you and this is a very important. Understanding is at body fat itself. Your fat is an oregon. Our body fat is in oregon. We tend to think about it. Like is just scattered droplets of stuff throughout our bodies scattered droplets of unhappiness sometimes scattered throughout our bodies. But it really your fat cells in your fat cell communities which we're gonna talk about. They worked together as an organ much. Like your skin is an organ that really and move throughout your body is a big part of your nervous system. Your body fat is a huge part of your indifferent system right. It works together much. Like in oregon. Your body fat releases and other substances to regulate your body's metabolism by communicating with other organs and tissues. Such as your liver your pancreas muscles and this introduces a critical but overlooked point in how this process actually works in that. Your body fat itself is largely responsible for regulating. your metabolism.

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