A highlight from John Hansen: The 'Fantasy Guru' re: 2021 Fantasy Football


A room all parma crisps. It's some sort of cheese product on. It's like a little baked little thing. You know like when you go to a real fancy restaurant and you get like a caesar salad and it's got like that. It's kind of like that man. It's really good so just paying now here to help. I'm here to help. I know you haven't probably flown much. Since the pandemic i did fly a lot Very popular on planes of for example. And i would frequently ask for multiple bags which is not something i do normally. But they're delicious. All right you fly to la all season for the direct tv. Show right yeah. I did What was it thirty. Six cross country flights during the pandemic instances. So it wasn't wasn't that bad. Just where the masking. Keep your distance and Upgrade to first class. If you can which i did a lot and it was a lot cheaper because not many people were flying so it was like basically normal prices for first class. So that's what i did. Oh that's nice. So anyway. The john's everywhere. He's been on the show before multiple times before so most of you that are loyal listeners. You know his background going back to the ninety s unbelievable look. He is the fantasy analyst and consultant for the stars. Okay like paul. Rudd has them on speed. Dial it's unbelievable. Let's talk with this though. John even doing this for twenty five however many years. Yeah yeah literally jack ma. I literally lost track. Good call on starting a new website in a pandemic bro. Good timing there yeah exactly. Well no i was thinking about it on one hand like well if everyone forgot to play football and everyone is going to be kinda stuck at home. The ratings are going to be through the roof. Which didn't really happen. I think the ratings were up for sure but yeah that was not great but Business down. I think across the board. I think there were a lot of people who kinda got into their head in the summer that i'm not gonna commit to this. I'm not gonna commit to my league. I'm gonna opt out because people opted out. So business was doubt i think across the board in the industry but it was still real solid We were pretty pretty happy with it. You know it's very competitive as you know. But the beauty of the website is. We've got five six seven contributors in active contributors who all have their own little following so it went well while so. Here's the thing we've had a lot of them on the show over the years right. Obviously joe almost every week. Tom brawley scott barrett. Graham barfield etcetera. Now you're the you're the owner of the site. Those guys are all owners co owners with you. What i tell people is if you actually do the research right greg. Cosell's over there. Adam kaplan whatever you guys are giving more context you've more analysts more content for less money than yeah. The one that i looked out. I mean is that like the simplest elevator sales pitch fantasy points dot com. I can throw out there. I think it's I've always been about volume. Keep the cost low and keep people forever and just get more customers and a feels like a money. Grab when you really Jack up prices to a point where it's like. Wow i actually need to take a home equity loan out to subscribe to this website you know.

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