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Has Done wonders for me just in the moment like I've actually practice a little bit here to the heck of it and it just makes you feel good. He think clear. So video I'll give you a faster one. Doctor Andrew New Vermont so if you look. Try to look at the far corners year is like if you hold your fingers out to your side and try to see both of them at the same time Just do that in breathe and watch what it does to your nervous system. You gotta try to see out the far edgier is if you yourself calming dead for? You you another one. Revision Calms your calms you down automatically activates the parasitic nervous system. You don't use your peripheral when you're under attack when you're scared, you focused laser focus right so the minute you go peripheral. Your activists, the Para sympathetic the rest, and relax immediately, and it's the fastest way we know of to do that. Interesting thing also when you're processing information peripheral late, this seems to happen flow. Also ride. If you've ever been in flow as an athlete, you tend to see a wider field of vision and write it moves a lot slower. Wider Field of vision. Yeah. Exactly. Because of this and one of the interesting things is and this part of what happens in flow when you're looking at things peripherally, you process information four times basket. A lot of information processing takes place in the retina. People don't realize that the your eyes are actually brain cells. Your eyes are part of your brain. They're just on the on the external side of it. They actually do information calculation not they're not passive in that way they they actually process a lot of data. Absolutely. Yeah and it. People. You say that people think it's really mechanistic and it's really not like or it's really soundly flew in it's not like how the brain works. It's really mechanistic. It's like filters. If if there's this kind of light, it can pass through. It's this kind of light. It can't pass through right like that. It's that mechanical. It's really really basic at the level of the pattern recognition, but I have no idea how it got here. I mean it makes a lot of central. The like real high speed, high dangerous sports like think of like like motorcross or something like that. Right the rate at which they need to make decisions as they're moving around the track seems to be tightened I mean. Goes hundred miles an hour rice. You kidding. Very Good Blink Twice as fast as a basketball from a major league pitcher right I've done racquetball before and I scare the. Against stepped basically a pro at the. Okay No, no I don't want to. I. Don't give a Shit gator fucking pretty much. Thank you. Serve there which was. True. True. No got there. I mean, there's there's something else that I thought was so fascinating is that the brain defaults negative and you said it's nine to one maybe six to one it's like. I. It is it's six. It's about nine to one as the research that Sean Acre did it at Berkeley on this over people have looked at it, but it's really high six to one is what roughly what happens if you have a daily gratitude practice That's what a graduate practice does are dropped the negative side yes. Yeah. Because you're you're be thankful for things that already true write your brain doesn't have to wonder you. I am really happy that I woke up this morning feeling healthy. It already happened like it's a done deal, my brain. So your brains goes out in the world is a little less dangerous, and so it could start letting in more positives which as creativity is always accommodate or you need novel information so if you're tuned towards the negative. You may be saying safer, but you're not you're you're creat- creatively innovate and you're learning rates like so many things are going down. It's it's you know. Not, that you want false like I'm not a power positive thanking is actually like actually that's Kinda. Dumb. You want to be optimistic but you want to be realistic and that you have to be bolted at was that that's sort of the new stance in the like. You know you when you try ended lake water. Trying to pull its lipstick on a pig and your brain notices, you can't light yourself. You could tell the whole world you could bullshit the entire world, but we all know the little voice in your head is going shut the fuck up man that's just not. Ego. Not. Your World Band you're lying. Athletic easier to so you have to make shit up. Here's like I. Think about what happened yesterday this morning like you said, just be thankful at the little things start stacking them and you don't have to do the affirmation so much I mean if it works for you guessed. But that's almost future. Yeah. Your make believe you're kind of coming up with these not tangible things in the future though yeah, it's harder to trick your. I mean it. It doesn't work I mean right? Like you're it may work for like vision nearing works but even that's difficult because even brain has a very hard. We have very limited time horizons and there's specific if you want to try to imagine ten years in the future, their specific techniques to us because our brain does not like to do it it's very, very hard plan that far in the future I train people to have to have like two year time horizons to two year. I think with today's technology pushing much beyond like once you get past three years I, find it very hard to make any kind of real reliable prediction on anything. So I think especially after reading your book. What's happening even more civilian. But even he said something like the further you get out the less you're attached to you like yourself. So you're actually. Camille into forty this party of rain in the middle of your forehead the medial prefrontal Cortex does a lot of different stuff but it does right creative self expression and. Helps us, choose action plans and things along those lines. But when we think about ourselves gets really active. When we think about other people, it gets very deactivates in the farther away. The other person is you know if you think about your mom, it's GonNa shut down a little bit you about you know a friend a little bit more. You think about that woman you met at the grocery store do weeks ago. It's all right. You think about your future self five years from now. It's almost totally shut off your brain treats the person you're gonNA come as an absolute stranger. Which is why it's it's one of the reasons it's hard to plan for the future hard to save for retirement hard like hard to I get a prostate exam because design up right. It's going to help future you ripe. Good Point..

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