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Don't know closer somehow. Well it's a funny funny tension. I think because you know what both science and at least some philosophical and even religious traditions tell us is that the world is is impermanent. Nothing in it stays the same are we. Don't stay the same. Our bodies. Don't stay the same the people that we love and the things we love. Don't stay the same. That's just the truth of the matter is that there's this constant instant impermanent and this constant flux and some philosophers have argued over the years we should just embrace that we would be freer if we didn't if we didn't Try to hold that flux for a moment I have to say my feeling about it is part of what makes everything so precious to us is exactly the fact That we know it's going to disappear. We know it's impermanent we know it won't last but what we love. Is this thing now. We love our I for me. The most dramatic example. All of this is our relationship to our children. So we know they're going to go. We know that in twenty years from now if we they treat us with affectionate contempt will be doing really well but that doesn't change the fact that rate. Now it's this child and not any other child in the universe just this one and I think that's there's something really deep and profound about our human lives that the fact that we can do both of those things we recognize the impermanent but we feel the attachments that seems to me to give our life. It's it's very special texture morale. That's exactly I could just put that whole thing. You just sit in the frame and I just bowed down Eh. Well don't bow too soon my friend because the next segment is going to hurt. It's GonNa hurt and a Taymor wind is blowing. It's all say.

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