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Orleans and after he lost the texas fans started chanting. Sec pc basically mocking us. And i guess you hate us. 'cause you and us and now they're asking to join the you know what i'm gonna do next time. They come into sanford stadium and we kicked their butts or in a start yelling and go back to the big twelve. Go back to the big twelve like it. Hey thank you very much for the call. Hugh is in deep gap north carolina. Hello hugh hello paul. Listen friend i've got a. I've got a bone to pick with with your analogy about the pod process that is being discussed for this new merge of texas and oklahoma If you consider the geographic boundaries that were that with auburn and alabama coming east and missouri going west. What you're dealing with in the east is a ninety year history of seven of those teams having a relationship and playing ball every year and i think it's would-be with a great deal of trepidation that you would throw that out. That is an evolution. That's revolution that's uncalled for. In the event that the competitive drive between east and west is out of balance. That needs to be adjusted. But frankly i think with texas and oklahoma and lsu and texas a. and m. There are true match for auburn. alabama georgia and florida. And frankly paul. I think any discussion about a four-way pod if you look at the historical games the georgia has with florida and allburn. And how you gonna put them in a pod that doesn't include those two and frankly. I think there's a much better way to do it. We're gonna look at nine games for sure. You see the regular game with strength on strength and you have a roving game that would change every year that means within six years every team would play everybody else and frankly that may not be as good as doing it and four. But at least you wouldn't tear up ninety years of tradition for an evolution. It's totally uncalled for. Let's face it paul. They east west competition in the south. Eastern conference has built the strongest competition and the strongest absolutely strongest conference in football ever known in america. There is no way the big ten with who. Ohio state plays can compete. I heard that discussion yesterday. If you gutted half of the teams out of atlantic coast conference and the big t and you might compete. Well what the hell are the likelihood of that go on down. I don't see any way that the big ten can compete with the southeastern conference for balls or money. But i do not think it's necessary for us to consider taryn up what has worked well for ninety years out. Ain't that's crazy. We need to think in terms of evolution and not revolution. Thank you very much. Maybe we should re redo the scopes trial. Let's take a break more calm. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five a lot to do on the program and we are just underway to listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Jonas is the official sponsor of espn college football.

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