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Well she no acari cried diving across the bed with her hairpin it bounced off the demons skin and skippered away on the floor the demon reached out for her it's black clause inches from her face and then it froze its face twitched once then again and then it roared with pain and lurched away it dropped its magic hammer to the ground and grabbed that its stomach with both clause it fell to its hands and knees and pounded at the floor with its blood red fists a cried out and rolled over and then with a final roar the demon burst into a cloud of ashes and was gone does she cried acari leaping off her bed bosi you have to be here she sifted through the pile of ashes frantically breaking again and again with her fingers and finding nothing inspiration struck and she grabbed her hand van she waved it back and forth blowing away the ashes and leaving behind nothing but little she coughing like mad well she acari cried scooping him up in pressing him to her cheek you're alive what happened though she sat on her palm and let her dab the ash from his face i wanted him to swallow me the skin was too hard but inside with softer stuff he drew his needle soared from his belt i told you i keep you safe acari smiled and then froze her eyes going wide she placed bo she down on her bed and started to hunter around the room what are you looking for here she said in her hands still glowing was the demons magic hammer i think it's a wishing mallett if you take one from a demon you get a wish.

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