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Like Laura says, you know, she had this passion, but at the end of the day with all that she'd put into it, she knew it wasn't quite right. And I knew that I had a drive, but I wasn't sure exactly what fit. And I could tell you, I'm working harder than I ever have in my life right now, but I wouldn't change a thing for sure. So you come out to Texas, you've fall in love with a barbecue and at first you're going back and forth to Australia. So did you start the live fire cooking the barbecue expertise? I know you saw you were one of the founders of the australasian barbecue association. So you're trying to bring back some of the vibes to the homeland. Was that how you started just sort of dipping a toe in or did you full fledged like drop everything I'm starting a new career? Yeah, so it was absolutely dipping a totem. And what happened was I came over, as I said, it started to eat. Then one day I tried to figure out why a brisket in America looks nothing like I was like, I'll try a brisket in Australia in my oven because I had no idea, right? Right. And it was what I ordered at the butcher under the name brisket didn't look anything like a brisket in the states. And that sort of led to that curiosity of why is that why didn't I understand about cuts and ended up falling down this rabbit hole of breeds and cattle feed and saw his and all this kind of stuff? And then I would just keep coming back and forth. And as I was traveling back and forth, it sort of became a barbecue missionary because the time Australia didn't have low and slow barbecue. We had sort of shrimp on the Barbie, you know, burn a couple of sausages on a flat top, kind of culture. But as it was starting to pick up because I was heading over and getting more interested in gaining all these knowledge and doing these overnight cooks with pitmasters and just learning and self educating people were asking me, like, well, what happens in Texas and let's talk about that. I was sort of a media reference point. And then at some stage, I turned around and realized like I'm doing all of this investigative journalism, but wouldn't it be great to actually be able to do this? And I went out and I bought a charcoal kettle and I got an offset pit. They're the two most difficult ways to kind of grill and smoke. And I thought if I can do this, then I'm good on any apparatus. And I just taught myself and it went through the years and, you know, at one point decided, I wonder what it would be like to introduce seasoning and have everyone of my online engaged audience kind of thing because at the time I was sort of writing a blog about Texas and sharing some of my recipes and some of the things I was learning. And then that's fun fully out of control sharing my cooks and just my experiences. And yeah, I just, I figured, as I kept sharing with people, wouldn't it be cool to be able to share what I think seasoning should taste like? And you know, if no one buys it, that's fine. I'll just, I'll give everyone a Christmas present. You know? And then here we are kind of all these years later. I have.

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