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Ray appleton show wale how are ya what is our buddy ah devon newness the chairman of the intel committee after going to keep gallon he he's going to beyond him he will be but brizzi house intelligence committee that he chairs has begun writing a resolution started writing it yesterday and this is to cite tip top and i do mean tip top fbi and justice department officials in contempt of congress why mr deadline on monday the deadline was posed to be monday to turn over documents the committee subpoenaed in late august and they didn't do it so the tipping point if i can call it that came after the information the the kennedy had been seeking for months was leaked to the new york times we talked about this and the washington post during the weekend and that's when devon and i started talking about like whatever's going on the air so these stories revealed that there was a top fbi agent his name is peter strasbourg was removed from these special counsel's russia's probe after he exchanged critical text messages about president trump with another fbi agent with whom he was having an extramarital affair cuts of his everywhere isn't it so the committee asked months ago why the fbi remove his guy but were never told the reason so the house intel committee and its chairman mr newness by the way devon you know stepped away from the leading the committee's own russia probe and i explain why that happened so is he a million times but he did not step away from the of an investigation accused the fbi and the justice department of stonewalling and obstructing the committee's oversight work so the fbi and the doj have also been stonewalling the committee on documents related to trump's dossier that are all of that stuff is expected to provide the.

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