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Now to our salute to our hero segment where we honor the military next tuesday is august first and that is a very historic day in poland and really throughout the world and that was the day that the warsaw uprising in 1944 one year after the warsaw ghetto uprising took place we recently saw president donald trump stand at the monument dedicated to the 1944 appraisers in warsaw and i am so proud that my own on father was a part of this great heroux iq effort and joining me now to talk about the significance of next tuesday august first is ambassador peter ville check he is the polish ambassador to the united states based in washington mr in besser wonderful to have you here on the show vancouver amok thank you for inviting me you know this is such a powerful day i know it so well because of my father gift give of the american audiences sense again of just the incredible i think david and goliath flight that took place and launched on august first owner heard fortyfour or a very important day polled prided finally to crowd a final battle with the german in war so in the capital polling when soviet who approaching from the east and german tottered to escape to the west the poll hoped to get very happy for war so free before the soviet occupying so this is one of the main idea of the warsaw uprising against german to have their own capital free you know when you look at the numbers to its staggering how many people lost their lives there was a sixty three day battle tell us about just the incredible sacrifice of those fighters this will as you head to renew an incredible sacrify with president donald trump mentioned when he was in warsaw speaking at the warsaw uprising monument on on this week on july one hundred fifty thousand civilian lives during the uprising and although people it will hope from the very beginning it with a great example hero he them over the polish nation how they tried to two on their own again german the didn't have any help from the russian from the soviet way uh on the other side of the river but they they couldn't get help from the western ally because we've learned allow western plane who land filled day were on their own fighting bravery with the german.

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