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All right so there has been some research that suggest that potted and processed meats might increase the risk of cancer yes the fda still says no no it's fine bright there's two as in five is big year for that was at the university hawaii study yeah and they found that sixty seven percent a year sixty seven percent more likely develop a pancreatic cancer if you consume large amounts of processed meats right and the reason why is because that sodium nitrate that's what they think sodia well this is this is why they think it with some correlated right sodium nitrate itself is not a court a carcinogen that that preservative that they put in yet um but if you combined nitrite with an means in an means are found in meat um when they combine in their metabolize and they combine they form nitrosamines nitrosamines yeah yeah man i wish i would've said the right the first time those are carson agent most of them are um uh i can't remember who did it but somebody's sampled three hundred m nitrosamines in ninety percent of them were carcinogenic menam so we can make as as far as people think m nitrite into nitric nitrosamines so if we're eating cured meat were converting it into a carson jin in our body that's the fear cured meter process process cured meat but okay anything that has um sodium nitrate in it brett bacon cooking bacon make the curse energetic by under this logic right right right so there isn't like a direct causal link which is why the fda not doing anything press surprised but.

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