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You're right you're right When you put a like delayed delayed my better not get blacked onto the car. I'm picking russell. Warren i mean like i said i don't know sharon carter like that i mean. Are you going to tell us something. I'm not. I'm not gonna be able to tell you. Not then i know. I know richie warrant you know i know. You know rec- warrant You know he had some struggles first of all. He's one of the most decorated amateurs of all. Time is a rushie warrant I think he's like went to the olympics. Three times yeah. He wanted olympics three times. But i think he's like a two time champ right yeah he won. The was when the wba anyone the ib. Oh yeah that was against pioneer. So he lost the piano. I remember That fight it was a really good fight and then he beat paolino in a majority decision But yeah you know. He receives had some losses his game. Hasn't i think fully translated from the amateurs You know up to that point But i i look for mercy warned to win this year. He's got the speed Very slick from the southpaw. He's a good fighter. He's a great fighter. They guys but i'll go with you guys on this. They both fought make. Joe yup did rush and She's been with the tougher opposition. He'd been in with oboe alley. I is that that Boom sorry so right ship. You've got it. I i tell them who else Nope a reza jose. Louise oh no. That's not the guy. Yeah that lost to somebody. I never heard of from from from khuzistan. Oh that he just yeah he He's he doesn't fight anymore though. Oh yeah guy he lost to. Yeah he has faucets like twenty seven seven. Yep all right so moving on Romell crews in the dreaded versus the tb. so i'm guessing. I'm going for redmond that i don't think that fights on anymore way i could be wrong. i'll check what we what we continue to go so moving onto the zone car. We got david avenues. An josh kelley. I feel like this fight has been scheduled for five years or ever five. You worry too. Razi man crazy but now that it's here you know the thing is that they both have not fought since since their last fight right like that's just the truth. They both have been out the ring equally as long But man. It's hard to believe in k. Man like pretty boy kelly You know he takes a lotta shots and he's not as pretty as he thinks I mean i mean i mean. Avanesian hasn't fought since two thousand and nineteen. Bro that's crazy man. I don't even know who to pick on this man. 'cause honestly my gut is telling me kelly can't win. He already robbed ray. Robinson avenues in is a tough dude. Yeah he's got some losses but They're they're versus good opposition. You know he lost to Kavaliauskas lamont peterson in. No and i think that said you know oh look andrew claim all that's a i think i think didn't either ramirez or or or crawford fight this guy right johnnie. Yeah yeah crawford for this dude man and coffered coffered. Didn't stop him. He went the you d. You know so. I- avanesian is been in with the better opposition. He he's he's more durable but he's been out the ring since experience versus skill on this one and we just don't know i mean like is avanesian been training mean josh kelley's twenty six years old and that he doesn't have to train this guys thirty two you now. So there's a lot of beef between these two. A lot of a lot of a lot of the adult. Think they got to try to get up for this fight. I think they they're ready to kill each other. Yeah john kelly the favourite do they also odds on that Just the money lines Kelly negative one forty. Oh yeah yeah. Plus one twenty but has pretty much money. That's how i would have seen it like when you said it. I don't know why thought you. I thought i heard you say he's the big favor it's always like. Now what okay. So he's just yeah. Listen in k. Like for those. That don't know we'll catch you up. This fight was supposed to be on a kelly brook undercard back in like two thousand eighteen right and then And then kelly pulled out because he had a illness or something like that and then Avanesian he ended up winning that european belt. Which is on the line. And you know we give a lot of ships regional belts and european belts but This one means a little something in sense that i think that it puts the winner on that worlds title You know Radar right and so But there were supposed to fight again in march twenty twenty your said belt or said belt and that felt through so Yeah it felt through. And so. I don't know listen. I think kelly like you said the skill versus the experienced. That's what this is I've always liked both. These guys are always expected. Something from these guys like you know and so it's a big fight. It's a big fight. It's not like a big fight in the sense of you know the way we usually call. That's bigger than what it feels like. You know what i mean like. It's the third biggest fight for Americans you know this weekend in terms of cards but there's more at stake here than meets the eye like you like david say you know these guys have heat between them su In you know it's been postponed so many times I it's definitely a fight. You're gonna wanna watch but man you know what i'm rock with avenue on this one. I think it goes a distant since sarah in the uk Tell you to the decision. Isn't that cheaper. Spain or somewhere like that or my way off now. He's from russia but he lives in the united kingdom. Yeah that's what it goes to distance. Kelly gets the nod So yeah that's my pick on this fight but it's going to be a good fight. That's i mean. Disowns put the headline in the car for reason. So i think it's gonna be a good. I i agree i agree. I think it's going to be a good fight. Were fight spence amateurs to i thought i heard that a couple times you might be right. And he fought spent some time in the amateurs. Yeah you could be right. So since he's he's he's he's fought some competitions and kelly just hasn't fought anybody note yet yet so it's gonna be interesting fight. I think you said it. Perfect skills versus experience. And i've heard listen Again i say this whatever from time to time. It's like when you're on twitter and you're on their long enough and you follow certain fighters you kind of know who's at the gym every day like people tweeting us up. Ivory kelly has trained like a dog. I heard that he's in really good shape But again this is coming from people that you know are on his side and you're not meaning and trade with them and stuff like that so You know gotta take that with a grain of salt but I think the smart money is on..

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