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Dot com slash space. and now. it's back to our show. You're listening to spend time with stewart. Gary european space agency has been forced to push back the maiden flight of its new area. Six heavy lift launch vehicle to the second quarter of next year. He says director space transportation systems. Daniel neuenschwander says covid nineteen shutdowns and technical issues with the cryogenic. I'm that connects. The launch pad to the rocket have forced delay development is going full speed ahead. Which has not mean that you are no not face some challenges of course but I'm wearing happy to report it. the sixty is Going ahead full speed. And in addition to that. And i think that's a key aspect. Is that industry. Just now started production of fourteen launchers. I n six iran. Six was slated to launch last year but ongoing issues forced the launch date to slip into this year and that's now being further pushed back to may twenty twenty two at the earliest. The cost of the project also gone up by another six percent or two hundred and thirty million euros and that puts the overall price tag for the ariane six at some three point. Eight billion euros. Four point four dollars. Now by comparison across space spacex around four hundred million dollars develop fly the falcon nine the main competitor for the ariane six we change governance governance by giving more responsibility to industry to the private sector while the public sector has defined a high level requirements. Which means that we said. We want a cheaper launcher. We said we want an environmental france long trip. We won't flexible launcher. And this is absolutely key in the current situation to be ready to catch new markets on our six. We'll be right response to that. Well acer is still hoping to launch the new vegas see rocket by the middle of this year but space ryder aces new reusable lifting body space plane which was to launch aboard the vegas as now being pushed back to at least twenty twenty three but easter wife. Somehow it's the look forward to this year. August will see both the solar orbiter and baby columbus spacecraft undertake gravity assists fly bys of venus and the end of october should finally see the launch a long way to james webb space telescope aboard an ariane five rocket from the european space agency's spaceport in french. Jonah james webb is seen as the replacement for the hubble space telescope looking even deeper and further back in time november will see the launch of the world's most powerful rocket nasr's new sos or space launch system. It's carrying orion spacecraft equipped with a european space agency service module. It'll be on. The unmanned is one mission beyond the moon back. The flights designed to test the orion spacecraft and the italy's loan system prior to the return of humans to the lunar surface in two thousand and twenty four and this year will also see two weeks or astronauts begin long duration missions aboard the international space station this report from tv twenty twenty one promises to be fruitful year for easter and the european space industry. This year will see the launch of a new and innovative telecommunication satellite called quantum developed through public private partnership with eutelsat. Quantum is the first satellite the can be reprogrammed in orbit the maximum flexibility. Another i in twenty twenty one will be the maiden flight vegas. This new. Iteration of the vega launcher is more powerful and allows for larger and heavier payloads than the current vega with which will share a launch pad. Vega sees first-stage. Her will also be used as a strap on booster. The europe's new heavy lift launcher ariane six. The development of ariane six will continue in twenty twenty one working towards the launches inaugural flight in twenty twenty two through clever design both vacancy and ariane six. We'll be cost. Efficient and reliable launch vehicles ready to compete in the worldwide launch a market confirming europe as the front runner in spaceflight while also securing independent access to space for europe exciting news for galileo europe's global satellite navigation system in january the contract for the development of the second generation. Galileo satellites will be signed. Europe will also launch to first generation galileo satellites on a soyuz from kourou in two thousand and twenty one. These satellites set to service backups or replacements for the old is galileo satellites as humankind continues to face the challenge of climate change and our impact on the environment earth. Observation continues to be a cornerstone of isa's activities. The agency will carry on operating sixteen earth. Observation satellites monitoring our planet through these programs over two hundred fifty terabytes of data are distributed to uses across the globe ba- scientic and operational purposes in the coming year. Isa and the european commission will also decide on the expansion of successful copernicus earth observation programme in twenty twenty one to isa astronauts will launch to the international space station toma pesky will start his second long duration mission in spring. His mission is called alpha after alpha centauri the closest stellar system to earth following the french tradition to name space missions after stars or constellations in autumn german astronaut. Matt ears mara will fly to the space station for his first mission called cosmic kiss which represents the love of space matias was the most recent astronaut to join the esa astronaut corps and finished basic training and twenty eighteen. In two thousand twenty one isa will start recruitment to find suitable candidates for new astronaut class aboard the iss. Both tomorrow and matias. We spent a lot of time. In the european columbus laboratory performing hundreds of experiments in zero gravity isa will continue to collaborate with nasa in human spaceflight with the ongoing development of nasr's optimists. One mission the autonomous one mission will see the first flight of the new orion capsule with isa's european service module esm the orion spacecraft and dsm will become vital for human spaceflight as they will fly astronauts to the future lunar orbiting gateway in which easter is one of the contributing partners but also to the moon or even to mars while it might be awhile before human set foot on it. The exploration of the red planet presses forward with the continued development of x. Omar's isa's mars lander and rover for launch in twenty twenty two and the mars sample return mission in collaboration with nasa the aims to retrieve samples from a neighboring planet. Lot further into space isa's spacecraft colombo and solar orbiter will perform a near simultaneous fly by of venus in august. It will be the second fly by of the hottest planet in our solar system for both spacecraft be colombo is on a seven year journey to mercury and solar orbiter will be the first spacecraft to study the polls of our son science will also see the launch of the james webb space telescope on top of the narayan five from kourou this infrared telescope. We'll study every phase in the history of our universe ranging from the first luminous close after the big bang to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on.

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