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Welcome back to the gmc. Baseball podcast wreck ridenour with you. All an inner first segment. I got right into the latest news. Going around the mlb. I mentioned a couple of moves that have been made recently in anything else involving this offseason fisher to stick around for the final few minutes of the show today as will jump into discussing which starting pitcher. You'd rather have to start in a playoff game. I'll play the scenario and then pick which pitcher. I would want in that case but i wanna get into some of the latest free agents that have become free agents recently because there were a number of players who wound up getting non tender a few days ago so basically a lot of teams just said to some of these guys that were up for arbitration this year. Hey we're going to just let you go. We're going to let you walk explore free agency. Good luck moving forward. And i think there was about sixty players in total. A couple wound up getting resigned and so went down to about fifty five or fifty six but there was a quite a bit of of Quite a bit of players that wound up getting a non tendered which was again alarming. I mean i had never seen a number that high in my entire life of players that were just let you know wound up letting go for pretty much You know for for free agency. So i'm going to get into a couple of the names couple of the guys that i really kind of you know kind of caught. My eye and i was very intrigued by on. That could possibly become kind of sleeper picks in this free agency market. So the first one i want to mention his hands are berta former player for the baltimore orioles and he was a very very good infielder for them. I mean i think what's very ideal for alberto and said he can play multiple positions. he can play third. He can play second. He can play shortstop. He can play a lot of different positions in the infield. And i saw i think that it kind of opens the door for possibilities of where he could land even more than some guys that are just. Strictly d. h. Is or that are strictly center fielder with his ability in the infield i think it kind of opens the door for possibilities and for him to really go anywhere that he would like in twenty nine thousand nine. He actually had a very very good year. He batted three. Oh five at twelve homers to fifty. Rbi's there were all career highs. And the pretty. I mean the stats were fairly nonexistent. Before twenty nine thousand nine so you can definitely see that. There's a little bit of a a rise in his performance in his production in his career. And again. I think that could be something that would be very very important for a lot of these teams to see in kind of realize that. Hey this guy. Before twenty nine hundred was not doing so hot but then in twenty nine thousand nine had a really really good year twenty twenty. Honestly he wasn't that far behind again. We played a fraction of the games as they did in two thousand nineteen so he had three homers and twenty. Two are very different from you. Know twelve homers and fifty. One rb is but in all honesty. If that was his numbers through sixty games are so let's just say i'm sure he probably would have been well on his win in close numbers to what he had in two thousand nine hundred. He had a two eighty three average and twenty twenty and then a six ninety eight so not a great power guy not a guy that's going to hit you know for great power. I mean he's never had an. Ps plus one hundred. He had one hundred sixty hit last year. Which i jumped really jumped out at me about five hundred fifty plate appearances so you know a good portion of the time that he's up at bat he's getting ahead not to mention. He's a low strikeout guy. He only struck out fifty times in five hundred and fifty plate appearances in two thousand nineteen. So somebody that is going to be very patient now. His on base percentage is not great. It's never been higher than three fifty so he doesn't have a really good on base percentage but if he's again not striking out. He's at least getting active outs. He's at putting the ball in play and giving if somebody's on base an opportunity to advance or score or something so he's at least going up and swinging. He's not just sitting there and letting pitches go by him and taking pitch after pitch so. I think alberto would be a very interesting player to have on really any team but in particular. I think the blue jays would be a likely candidate the f. oakland athletics. The marlins they're all low payroll teams. I don't think he's going to get some crazy contract. Because i just don't see in his career and really in the numbers he's put up any sort of reason to give him some long. You know very serious contract especially with all these teams losing money in the pandemic year whatnot. What i think that you know. He's a steady infielder with a good bat. All three teams have openings at different spots in their infield. I mean the marlins have an opening at second. Oakland has an opening at second. The blue jays have an opening at third. I think alberta would be very interesting to insert over at third base for the blue jays. You'd have gurriel you'd also have T oscar fernandez body junior. You've got a lot of different boba. Shed obviously and i think that alburto shed it'd be interesting to see how that left left side of the infield woodwork. And not to mention it would probably be a pretty solid Hitting lineup too. I mean a great addition into the lineup lineup for sure. So it'll be interesting to see where alberto winds up. But i think that he's going to get a nice contract. Nothing huge but i definitely think he's. He's one of the more under the radar free agents. That i think team should pay a little bit more attention to so the next guy that i want to mention delano shield. He's a very interesting case. I mean he's had average numbers but this past year we had the second highest batting average in his career. He doesn't have great opium. Numbers i mean. He's under seven hundred over the last three years but as a center fielder he could be a potential commodity for teams again. The center fielder position is pretty open. This year i wouldn't say it's wide open but there's a lot of teams that are going to have to fill. That need out in the outfield. And he was part of that. Very poor hitting outfielder. The indians again not a great outfield and he was one of those reasons. Why but he's somebody that has had much better success. Recently as opposed to before and i think that when he was in texas he was pretty decent one year two years where his average was above to sixty. But other than that. I mean the opium has never gone higher than seven eighteen. So he's not a huge power hitter guy and i mean he did have a you know pretty steady. Rbi numbers for the most part. But i don't think he's somebody that is going to make a major major impact but i think what could be interesting about him is this. It's a case where you can get him for a bargain and he could have a huge year and you got him for a fraction of the cost. And then if you think about it down the road and if you're looking kind of long term then you can kind of use him as maybe trade bait and you could use him as a piece in some bigger move to try and get somebody else down the road. You obviously have hope that he's going to have a really really good year because if not then you've lost x. amount of money but i think that this is gonna sound really crazy where he can land but i could see him blaming with the pittsburgh pirates. And here's why they need a center fielder. Because the pirates batted a collective one eighty this year for out of all the guys that played center fielder or center field. That is literally their collective average sure reynolds. He just had a down year. That brian reynolds is very very good. Very talented baseball player. One of the better up and coming players.

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