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With another update in thirty minutes. Lori Lightfoot came in first in the race for Chicago mayor Toni preckwinkle second that means the two of them will face off April second to become the first ever black female mayor of Chicago Lightfoot talking about it with Mankato this morning. Of course, I'm grateful for the number of words that we want across the city. I think we need to make sure that we're reaching out and doubling our episode reach out to young people 'cause hopefully this racist as much about them as anybody about their future. Only preckwinkle speaking after the returns were in last night's I acknowledge how hard we worked to get here. We worked shoulder to shoulder to shape a campaign that reflects our vision. Our values and our hopes for Chicago Bill Daley coming in third Willie Wilson fourth Susanna Mendoza fifth followed by Enya Joyce, Chico. Vallis McCarthy Ford fear ready coz, lower and solace Griffin. In the race for alderman, Ed Burke, one despite his federal arrest for corruption. Here's rob martier. Who's longest serving alderman all federal corruption charges to easily win re election in the south west sides fourteenth. Ward Burke, grabbed fifty four percent of the vote defeating Tanya Patino who finished with over twenty nine percent at Hymie Guzman who had more than sixteen percent. The seventy five year old Burke was charged with one count of attempted extortion. In January may third is the deadline for federal prosecutors to indict Burke, rob martier, WLS AM, eight nine REEs sitting aldermen loss last night. Joe more John arena. And pro Joe Merano Michael Cohen, President Trump's former attorney set to testify any second now in. In front of the house oversight committee. Democrats are trying to get.

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