A highlight from Story Time With Marge Sabathia. Plus: James Harden Is the Best Point Guard in the NBA.

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See because this week we get to chat with. I don't wanna say the most anticipated guests in order to see to history. But i wanna say tied for the most with your wife. Amber we get to speak with your mother. Margie man news. It's going to be fine. She's a lot of fun. You know we have a great relationship So you know people get the here like inside of me growing up so i'm excited for this me too man. And and in february we black history month we spoken exclusively with black women. I can't think of a a stronger. More beautiful black woman than your mother to get to close out the month with man. Oh becky i'm excited. I mean i know she's She was nervous. You know got to come on but you know we have a lot of fun and You know. I think people are going to be surprised. I guess they think that. I'm gonna cut down my cousin but man spoiler alert town wondering does he speak like that in front of his mother. The answer is yes he does always have. That's the answer. You're about to find out and see i got. It's a big too. Because i have to share with our listeners. Some family news which you know. We announced on where brooklyn last night on the nets broadcast. But i'm going to be a dad. Man i'm gonna -gratulations guys thank you man. You know what. I'm sure. At some point i will be. I'm not yet like. I don't know a real yet. It's not you know. i think that's what it is. I think although you know it's funny is like a really now andrea. God bless her. She has had like a tough. Like i thirteen and a half weeks. Like she'd been super sick like yeah. She's been did. How did amber i mean. I'm sure it was different with all of them. But she's sick or she all right bro- her presidencies were so easy remain is what we have four kids and eight years because you know what i'm saying. Hey right you're like okay. I can do this again. Labors were like fifteen twenty minutes as an essay was crazy but like i miss janes birth. Wow man came so fast like it. I mean her. Her pregnancies were were super easy to camber. What the key is to that man who knows. But i mean that's why she was like i can keep doing this and i was like no nine hundred. Ninety four is enough like we got a unit we do. But i'm excited for you bro. It's gonna change. Your life has changed a perspective on everything. Like your time changes. Everything changes guys. Because now you've got this person that you're responsible for that you that you created that you want to do well in the world. i mean. obviously we can into this conversation with you. Know talking about your dad. The story you tell me talking about lucia my mom at the games like we talk about this on the pilot. So yeah it's now you're gonna get that feeling. You feels spitting. yeah man. I appreciate that. Dude i am. I'm super excited. And you know where Which we announced this on On the broadcast but for people for our listeners. We know we're going to have a baby girl which i'm like i'm super pumped about and i was thinking also like i'm like you know the whole time you know how you feel like you're trying to guess like what do you think it's going to be you know like and it's like after thinking about it. I'm like doing wnba in women's college basketball. I'm like of course it's going to be a baby girl. And i can't wait man. I'm so i'm so excited. I actually was thinking about you with the dance recitals and like yeah dude. I was thinking about what you can go two ways though you can make your play soccer right away. You'll you have to dance. And you know what i'm saying i was thinking about you. Crying is what i was thinking. I'm going to be balling. That's what i was thinking. Jenner gordon graduation one hundred percent man. One hundred. I can't wait but i definitely will be because even last night like when we did the announcement for nets on yes I was like as we were about to do it. I was like. I was starting to get choked up and you know like you already knew like there were people in my life who already knew you know But like somehow still make an official in that like cnn. And sarah who you know andrea. And i both are super close with sarah cusack our analysts and she was the one who is going to be reading it. And i'm like sarah reading and she's like looking at me and we're both getting the most and i started thinking about the dance recital thing i was like. Oh my gosh. I'm going to be snot and tears as as of sitting there watching mass so so all four of them. I couldn't even hold them right away. Because i was crying so much like when they all four came out like i mean. It's not jaden all three with the three but like i was like i was in there obviously and i couldn't even hold them right away like the habit like let him go get washed off like let me you know collect myself but like i was boohooing in tears would be so mad like cry for saying yeah. This is super emotional bro. You know it's yours does your kid. Yes yeah it's it's a it's amazing man. It's it's it's it's crazy. So i'm the classes you gotta learn exactly exactly man. You know what's funny too and i know it's different girl boy. Like i had my super close with my sister. Ashley and and My brother-in-law josh my nephew's campbell and bodey and they're campbell's Four and a half and bodies one but campbell. I watched a ton. And so like i i did some like i would change his diapers all the time. I really got to like learn stuff but then with bodey i. It hasn't happened because of covid. Spend time. But i've never had like where i'm watching him. I've never had where i'm dying so it's been awhile man. It's been a while so when like the thing is like when is your like your kid like is easy to change a diaper. You know what. I'm saying like you think it's going to be hard and all this ship laugh. You just i mean i. It works itself out. Do you know what's so funny. I even with campbell even with my nephew. Like and godson. I was like he was weird because i always thought like oh you think things are gross. And even with him. I was like it. Just didn't feel gross. Like your blood shit is different than other people shit i. It's all over place it's like it's about right. I know it's going to be amplified to eleven degree with my own kid. You know tell you the sort total. One time that. I actually couldn't change the diaper can change see amber went out with her friends and i had little see. I live like a couple of blocks away from my mom. At the time we bought a house we lived in a house. Like right down the hill from her and literacy like blue diaper up like shit everywhere because it was like all the way up his back out the won t like it was everywhere. 'cause i just picked up and like put him in the carseat johm to my mom's house goes i didn't know what to do so and i and soda

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