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Oh and i remember watching high school highlight film and we basically got to a point where incoming fullbacks we said well we'd like you to play like this this is the standard that we have for our quarterbacks so i i'm a little surprised that you weren't more heavily recruited out of high school were you surprised by that at all or is that just the nature of the beast at that time i think it was sort of a the nature of things and i'm really really happy for how my community working out here at stanford really happy that i ended up here playing college something always wanted to do and i definitely wanted to be recruited more but at that point you know i just loved playing football i didn't really it didn't other me too much i just happy for the opportunity to play play this kid and really happy how everything turned out quincy deadly army was the school that you were you were most headed to i think that was your favorite whenever i when i first called you up and came to stanford the southern tip of my tongue but the senior fullback you're very fresh your first year your freshman year the senior fullback got hurt right i in the first couple days or maybe no he or maybe right before camp started right refresh my memory on that right right i think a mecca soley was the starting fullback that's right here he had a a hip condition and he had to medically retire then that i think that happened right before training camp open sounded like that just expedited the inevitable there was we had a couple of other fullbacks that were there too but josh drone was the other and then you gotta as we put the pads it was day three we put the pads on and only got in there for a few snaps and really from that that practice on he was the the starting fullback for his entire career now's another guy here on and we should probably take a break we should we should see ben mason is in the building we should really see talking about getting getting some excitement going here ben mason number forty two freshman fullback this past year i'd love we should just get him on the find out if he's in the building or get them onto podcast take a break and go.

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