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Cliff you know what it reminds me of are you familiar with the biblical story where the jesus disciples he came across a demon possessed man and he cast the demon out into a bunch of pigs and they jumped off a cliff that's the democrat party i could also argue it's the republican party to but that's a story for another day wretchedly another segment so all these pigs i mean think about this not just one pig they all go off a cliff if you get nothing else from this program today and i've been talking about this for quite some time can we have a nation of leaders rise up instead of a bunch of sycophants and followers people think they've got a fad going here this woman wins the race and now they think this is a brilliant idea to go following after go ahead by the way a recent poll shows the majority of voters oppose abolishing ice majority of voters oppose it steve scalise the scalise the majority whip so democrats have been trying to make july fourth about abolishing ice which is a radical extreme position that would lead to open borders and undermine america's national security he said i think it's the wrong approach i think everyone ought to be on record about where they stand on that issue which is why it's a brilliant idea bring this darn thing up for vote go ahead because it's exactly what people need to see they need to see people take a vote and so they know who they need to run away from i hope the republican party republican leadership follows there on this whole the vote and it'd be great to have this in advance of the november elections so people understand what the stakes are here i have a feeling a lot of these folks are going to vote no even though in their heart they really want to vote yes now if this were after the election they might vote yes because they know there would be a long period of time before the next election and the average voting moron will forgotten by then we'll move on to something else coming up we'll talk about the futile effort by the democrat party the democrats in congress specifically senators who they're doing a lot of tough talk about the supreme court battle coming up they're not going to do crap they really won't stay with us this is the vince coakley radio program give him an hour he'll give you the day every friday on charlotte at six we come up with some ideas for a little weekend getaway we'll do that at six twenty five also have some of.

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