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Because we qualify spores there's men scholarships there's women's sponsorships there's men's leagues this women's league sports is qualified before i going to talk about it all sports has qualified there's a men's tea and gulf there's a woman's teeth they qualified so i thought it was a reporter who asked a question john should've asked hit what are you getting at what our use reinstating and then when he threw the number seven hundred out that sounds like a shot it serena who was wildly popular and an amazing athlete and got a controversy this is not a controversy at all oh this is a product of social media for this even being remotely a controversy it proves our addiction to twitter and how stupid twitter mixes what john mcenroe said is completely obvious serena williams has been quoted saying how easily she'd be smoked by the tops men's players he was not in any way in my view trying to be insulting i agree with what we have set up through social media this deal were there are certain special people who any you can't even come close to criticizing them or social media melting down and serena williams i don't understand why she's responding this i don't understand why she's acting like she's been violated and has somehow this interferes with her having a baby this whole thing a plane victim over anything the gift said is is a joke in preposterous it's unhealthy he didn't say anything.

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