A highlight from Anthony Taylor: The Outdoors Evangelist On How Nature Heals


The i really believe that outdoors nature and adventure kind of those activities are the best place for us to actually grow and experience. This thing around social emotional. Learning something about outdoors is always about personal. Best is always about situational awareness. They're always skills development. So this is. The best athlete won't always be the best climber. Bright is the person who masters the skills. The best skier will not be the best athlete. Be the person that focuses on a master skill right so so they're progressive skill based they create opportunities for us to have self discovery. You know their personal best oriented again this idea of controlling yourself in an environment that you have no control over. That's the stuff that life is made of. And i actually think that door and nature offered that opportunity to everybody who shows up. Everybody who shows can have that experience outdoors and for communities of color for marginalized community. What i know is that those experiences are the was built here humanity. Your confidence help you understand beyond racism impact on you in a simple example and we can. You all can go test this. I believe that women

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