Be 'Sparked'


A spark. It's where it all begins high going back to the big bang. It was a spark. We have sparks of insight all day. Long sparks of motivation. We have sparks of energy of impulse through us. And what what really inspired me to turn on my mic. Today was i am listening to these birds outside my window singing. It is early my friend. It is five thirty one. And i've been up for a while Something sparked me to get up very very early this morning and i have. I've learned to trust that. Those mornings when i find i cannot sleep in. Just get up and to be with myself in the in the sacred moments in the the early dawn. Oh is so much yummy. Nece that comes through in those moments and you may not be an early bird. You may be one of those night. Owls that finds that those quiet sparks within in the wee hours of the evening. Does it matter how are you sparking yourself. If all we do is crowd our mind. With two do's and crowd our day with activities. We may speed by the sparks of insight. Ouimet speed by those own little big bang's happening within us. The haase the direction the pivots. So i encourage you today to do. Two things. one is to listen to those sparks and they often happen in the pause between doing in those in those moments between thought

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