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Back to 2013 postseason workman coming out of the pen back and watch shh workman he got out as some huge jams in the postseason in the pendant two thousand thirteen and yeah i know that was a while ago but this is a guy that's coming off a serious injuries serious surgery and if he's back throwing ninety five cuts empower stuffy hunglon today but maybe not somebody you can ask to help you bullpen out here down the stretch but if you want to get into offense let's say yards sitting there clamoured for a power in third baseman look i have my own guys on this team already puts royal is just on fire right now but you can only ask someone like you can only have portrayed a due to do this for so long i mean he's out of his might played out of his mind right now it's time for someone like him ramirez the stepup hanley ramirez walk out former tuesday night then he gets the day off wednesday were yesterday which last night which was pathetic place i pace again today which is nice pigozzo for forward three strikeouts looking somewhat helpless at the plate at times i mean hanley ramirez to me is a guy he's got thirty seven rbis on july 28th that's dedic you making twenty two million a year we can talk all we want about going out to acquire apollo bat put some of these guys on this team right now in family is the biggest one it's time for someone like him i'm a step up and show show off more of his power right an increase the batting average hitting below to sixty right now 255 or something stupid is just awful i mean it's got to be better than that and i pace t h whatever whatever whatever position urine your were asking hanley ramirez to to to step up offense of flee to be in the lineup wherever you play just hit pick for me hanley hit for us hanley hit for your team hanley because that will probably that would probably be the best thing that this team could do we'll throw all crazy trades worlds raw crazy names in the next week i don't take any i don't think those things are going to happen i don't i think if the red sox do anything before monday july thirty i they traded a couple mid.

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