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To an accident past 1 29. It's blocking both the center lanes, so expect to slow down if you're headed north. Broken down. Pick up on the right shoulder of 2 70 five's ramp to North 71 temperatures are falling a bit. Expect some slick spots, especially in bridges, overpasses and ramps. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW, now the latest forecast from the Advanced Industry Weather Center as we adjust to the new normal in our lives at best industry will continue working to make your dental visit as safe as possible. No fear. Dentist dot com. In the forecast tonight. Mostly cloudy and a low down to 20 degrees. Now our Wednesday snow showers and a wintering mix, including freezing rain, especially in northern Kentucky. Mihai a. 28 degrees at night, a wintry mix into the overnight in alot of 19 from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning Chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio 700. W well W and the radar is clear. 27 degrees is our temperature in Cincinnati, by the way, the official snowfall for the tri state 9.8 inches of snow at the airport. Next 24 hours will be a challenge for drivers and for road crews crews out And like I said, we have already started the 12 hour shifts today. We rolled into actually rolled into those late last night, and so they just continue on until Basically everything has subsided in the beta. Kathleen Fuller is with the Ohio Department of Transportation, a chance of snow and freezing rain before 4 p.m. tomorrow, then we've got a chance of freezing rain between four and five, right in the middle of rush hour. And a chance of snow and freezing rain after 5 p.m., But new snow accumulation tomorrow, less than a half inches all we're expecting tomorrow afternoon with another. Half inch possible overnight getting into the weeds there, But that's the way it looks. Coronavirus update about 3200 new cases in Ohio in the past day, much lower than the three week average. But the number of deaths is way higher and nearly 100 reported in the past 24 hours. Hospitalizations ICU admissions both at or below the three week average. We're seeing a drop. This is great news. We're seeing a drop in the number of patients covert patients in hospitals. The number was showing today is 1974. Which is very.

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