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Tune up for only $59 with Michael and son Michael and son Dave Tilden. How long is the way to the Bay Bridge now, from now until eternity around 15, and we're back to about a 14 mile backup. You know, it's been fluctuating. But these are very intense delays from Davidsonville across the South River through the Annapolis interchanges. It is one long, slow crawl to get to the Bay Bridge. And unfortunately when it rains on Fridays during the summer, this is what you expect. We didn't see this last year, obviously, but this is definitely the longest backup we've had so far this year on a Friday eastbound toward the Bay Bridge, No two way traffic, no signs of that anytime soon. No westbound delays on 50, though, if you're coming back from the shore. Kent Island toward Annapolis. It's only a little slow near. I 97 to work around traffic as you'd expect on Ritchie Highway. I 97 the smaller local streets through Annapolis and the connections across Broadneck. We're all pretty much saturated. All the while. It's a slow Friday in progress all around the Bill way in Maryland and Virginia, the Baltimore Washington Parkway and 95 between the Beltway's lots of slow traffic to work through. I 70 westbound of Frederick is loaded up, and so it's 3 40 toward Harpers Ferry. Across the Potomac and Shenandoah River Bridges north of Frederick Roots 15 near Devil. This bridge Road Traffic initially stopped by the crash shot down or you're getting by slowly. The right that may have changed Now. In Virginia, two outstanding issues. Dulles Connector eastbound. The ran to 66. He's found the van rolled over on the right side of the flyover. But now traffic's getting by slowly to the left eastbound off of to 67 No impact on 66 in the Springfield interchange traffic 3 95. 95 express lanes is slow the crashes along the left side between Springfield, the Beltway and the first exit for Franconia, Springfield, which would be 6 44 Express lanes. Traffic believe you're only getting by single file to the right volume delays on the main line anywhere between Springfield and Fredericksburg. Dave Golden W T O p Traffic So.

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