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And if it is what it is. It is what it is. But I prefer not to. So anyway, fast forward all those years me and Ted Falah three six one, and my wife would drink one many times right before we were getting a deer stand around three three thirty. We'd have Margarita. Our and I would make so's yeti tumblers. And these things were triples of not quadruple, not mine now of tequila neither along with them. She not cheers Ted is or hot. You could basically almost melt about him yet and tumble with them. Christians were not and also she was in a smaller tumbler. So we'd drink to those. We'll we've got deer stand and sit there and just got into enjoy the scenery watch the deer and do what we did. And then after we came back from cleaning deer or whatever we had to do. We'd fire up and started drinking beer turns out, my wife, and I moving together Raina del Rey. There's an all out of sequence. But we were living together, marina, del Rey, and a friend of mine turns us onto this place that he's a member of. So we decided, hey, man, this pretty cool place. We'll join up and become members. And so, you know, we go there and I'm in beer-drinking mode. This was a little bit before broken skull ranch up was created a loud myself, rob crocs, salt on the gang gonna burn company. And this is when I was still fine tuning my craft beer. Ear pallet. I went from ringing light beer for over thirty years and every state that ever worked at and how many rings and all of the United States and worldwide doing celebrations after the show after match or whatever what's I got through with all that shit. I just figured there's got to be a better level of beer. So I started drinking craft beers. And when we joined up at this place, they had four beers two of which were light the other two one was dark bear. And the other was just a regular like a pale ale. But it wasn't worth a flying. Fuck so I didn't drink it. So since I'm in beer mode, and now I've been through you know, vodka mode whiskey mode whine mode tequila mode. So since I'm in beer mode right now. But they ain't got a beer this shit. I need a drink and going back to my snobby days with the or left of my devices about the way people make drinks when you go to a club and. Want to tell that story about the casino? We went to Kristen about those those rings. Well, let's just listen tell us store right now because out here this will just follow the point. And I'm going to get to the bottom line and give you this handcrafted recipe. So Milan, I at the Broncos go two point, oh, we decide to go in town and get a steak. Well, I'm gonna get a steak my wife's vegetarian, so we go to this restaurant, and we walk in and the host texts. My wife to the table. I see the bartender. I go directly to the bar because I know that I'm going to order a Margarita because that's what I've been living on here in Nevada for the past year. And my wife's looking around like or the fuck Steve Martin over, you know, grill into bartender asking him. What is recipe is for Margarita and my wife rose arise because she gets mad or than hell at me. When I start grilling people about how they make their drinks. But that's how picky I am. We got pissed off at me. I was because it's like I'm not gonna go to the back until the chef how to. Pair your steak or how to prepare my spaghetti or whatever, you know. I know, but I just thought it'd help some, but you out anyway, you just have to let things go and you get to restaurant. It's not gonna I got into it is, but it's using machines. So you pretty much guy said is basically a machine kilos machine. And I said well, fuck it. I gave him my recipe in any kind of added a few of my ingredients to his already made Margarita mix and all of a sudden, my wife ordered a glass of red wine. I get my Margarita, and it ain't worth a flange yet. And because I've been Spalding myself drinking Mon drink it..

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