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That they were doing not having meetings with players. Doing zoom meetings. How the staff's worked while. Some people were quarantined. It's just unbelievable to have staff meetings over zoom. I think about those you're talking about. Those are five six our staff meeting over zoom or you shitting me. I don't know how they got that done. But this game was unbelievable and the impact people of the game. I wanna talk about in the first guy i'm gonna talk about is offensive. Line coach gregg stood row wa. Coach stud was unbelievable what he did to get three young guys to go in that game. I know michigan state stinks. Appoint max ray. Dewan jones matt jones. The three highest graded lineman. Were those three. I wonder i just wonder how many early morning walk throughs and things he was doing over the last two weeks to get those three ready to play coach. Doug needs to you got you guys got to get off his back buckeye fans. I mean he what he did with. Those three was phenomenal. Amazing barron browning defensive. I don't know if he he player the game but he was the best game. He's played as a buckeye. How about that. We got him a middle linebacker and athletic guy. There how about that. The defense looked worldly. Better didn't it. Who the hell would have thought Barron brownie with the best game buckeye and then justin fields. Wow is all you could say about that. Wow justin feels most impressive thing to me was. It was very j. T. barrett esque keeping plays alive always second and six not second ten. And then the effort on the touchdown sealing block on trade sermons. long run. I mean just. It's just a window into the soul of that kid. The effort that he gave to give a little chip blocked to make sure that trae sermon didn't get tackled from behind. It was unbelievable and it also reminded us all of the justice field. Probably the fastest player on the field when he every time he steps on it unbelievable but as far as offense obviously the first thing. You shouldn't even have to point out. But harry miller struggled struggled with the snaps. It was a major issue. He also struggled outside of the snaps mean at twenty five percent grade and at twelve percent. Grade impasse bro. And it reminds me of a story. That i told on the rancho but mike pouncey. All pro center phenomenal player. His brother marquees were twin. They are twins not word they are. Twins marquees played center. Mike pouncey played guard at florida when marquees got drafted in the first round. Mike slid in at center to try to win the remington increases stock and be a high draft pick which he did but his first game out. I remember i watched it. I was at marshall. The time i just left and he had like a bad snap after bad snap and i am just want to remind everyone how difficult it is to play center when you haven't done it right. Harry miller has certainly has taken like any other any good old line..

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