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And these are the top hundred so rounded out the bottom of the list are premium saltines now, I think the only time I've ever eaten assault team was when I was pregnant the kind of help with nausea. But I got how those could be a snack you'd have to sell to their yummy, then came now, these aren't the these are from the lowest of the top hundred so they're still high up. Yeah. Then came David sunflower seeds. Probably because you kind of suck up the salt, raise the nets chocolate and raisin. Not my not my Cup of tea. Well, just fruit snacks. I like those because you think you're getting like real real vitamins. I don't know really how much vitamins you're getting you know, they give me heartburn gummy bears and gummy type stuff gives me Harper. So I can't have that Mike and Mike Mike an acre. Okay. But they kind of get stuck in my teeth. Cornets cornets come in at ninety five. I don't think I like the taste accord nuts. Pop. Chips chips are the chips that have like air m I guess they're. Okay. Newton's like fake Newton's. I couldn't stand fig Newton's am. I don't give me something that looks like chocolate that doesn't taste a chocolate. They say Trolli gummy never really seen that doughnuts. Those little hostess small donuts that's a snack. And we wonder why we have an obesity issue. Better cheddars veteran cheddars, I guess a little bit like cheese. It's I don't remember better cheddars of the eighties now Swiss rolls. That's my snack right there. Those little Debbie Swiss rolls with the chocolate cream inside. Okay. Those I like the Swiss rolls club crackers and those little green Keebler boxes. Those do pretty well. Junior men's came in eighty seven hunting made grams per gram crackers pets has only came in at eighty five then oops, or cheese balls dove promises. O R dove the little chocolate candies. That'd be number one. For me. I love dove hostess pies where you have a strawberry or cherry pie. That's been. I I'm not a big pie person pies. Probably one of my worst, desserts. I really don't like pie at all. E L fudge the little Keebler sandwich, cookie. Then TGI Friday's potato skins came in as a snack. Chicken and biscuit Swedish fish Swedish fish there. Too hard to to they get stuck in your teeth nerds nerds of those little baby candies. Those came in number seventy seven catalog less. People rolled gold. Those are those pretzels that are really hard. I'm not a big pretzel person. But for the guys that are fine tweezers and red vines were neck and neck. Apparently red vines beat out tweezers. I didn't realize they were separate companies. But there are liquorice nouns an almond joy alma Jones got nuts. Nouns don't joy. We're neck and neck, but Joyce bounce Triscuit. Friskin to me is the worst tasting cracker ever. Then came nutter butters to St. does brownie bites famous Amos famous Amos, I like slim jims fruit roll ups for by the floods walkers what college runts Nella wafers pretzel. Chris fifty nine zebra cakes. Sun chips, bunions three musketeers, Babe Ruth Milky Way animal crackers handy. Snacks and much hills round out the top or the bottom fifty now we got jelly bellies the little Nestle crunch chocolates. Teddy grams gushers rollo's, you can roller rela to your friend chocolate covered do and see. I remember all the jingles Stacy's pita, chips fudge stripe cookies. Okay. Smart foot food.

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