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Everything at Tim dot, log Ford slash podcast. Just search Susan on pop right up. People can find you online presumably where the best places to to say. Hello. Learn more about what you're up to. Well, best thing is to sign up for my newsletter, which you can get to if you go to quiet revved dot com. Which is pr- equate revolution. So you'll find it right there on the homepage. There's a sign up form, and there's a newsletter that goes out every week. That's the absolute best. And then I'm also super active and Lincoln and on Facebook, grit, and he said, simply Susan Cain. I think Facebook criven wrong. I think is author. Susan. Thank you for saying that. Yeah. So on Facebook, it's author Susan. Came and unlinked him. Actually, don't remember. But it's part of the Lincoln influence or just put in Lincoln influence her and my name it'll. Yeah. And then Twitter, maybe less active. I am on Twitter a little mess active season cod. Susan kids yet and can't wait to see the next book and continue to follow your work. Thank you for doing. I will say the same to you the next book. What is the next book while you know, based on the an episode came out a few days ago? I think it's going to be this book that I have been waiting to give myself permission to write which is about. It's not that. It'll be. A close cousin to what you are thinking a lot about right now. It would be. How to pay attention to the psycho, emotional undercurrents and components of life, very closely and how to use tools both on the beaten path off very very very off the beaten path for finding resolution for problems or challenges or securities or trauma that are are at least in current conventional practice considered very difficult to treat or untreatable that that would be as far as I can tell and I've been gathering notes about five years now that would be that'd be the thrust of it. That's going to be your most important book. I hope so. Yeah. Yeah. I hope so what's your timetable? What's my timetable? It's. Will as who was it. I think this this something I heard on a TV set once they didn't want people to rush. But it was the the gist was people need to rush. And they, but they didn't want to say that. Maybe we'll panics we need everyone to move with purpose. So I think my answer is move with purpose. But not in haste because I want to treat it with the depth and thought that it deserves I don't wanna rush will probably write it without signing before selling anything or signing contracts. Probably you'll write the whole thing. Do it on my on-time interesting. It is a is a top if not the top priority. Well, so are you like working on it every day right now, I m in some fashion working on it everyday. But it's gonna be a while before I get to the the composition pros stage. But the vast majority of the work that I do on my books as the experimentation the traveling for subjecting myself to all sorts of unusual things and the note taking the organizing said notes, and I'm doing some piece of that almost every day. Well, yeah, I'm so glad you're doing this book. Yeah. So if I can help, you know, if you want an early reader, whatever I would love to also completely alley. Likewise is so much fun. And. Until intellectual. Thanks so much. Thank you so much and to everybody listening same till next time. Thank you for listening. Hey, guys. This is Tim again, just a few more things before you take off number one. This is five bullet Friday. Do you want to get a short Email from me, would you? Enjoy getting short Email from me every Friday that provides a little more soul of fun before the weekend and five of very short Email where I share the coolest things I've found that had been pondering over the week that could include favorite new albums that I've discovered could include gizmos and gadgets and all sorts of weird shit that somehow dug up in the world of the Esa teric as I do it could include favorite articles that I've read and that I've shared with my close friends, for instance, and it's very short. It's just a little tiny bite of goodness before you head off for the weekend. So if you want to.

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