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If your business isn't growing, then it's dying. And so you always need to be looking for the future of what that entails. And we are recording this at the end of 2021. The world's just been through a tumultuous couple of years. And I know that the businesses that planned, well, no, no one planned for COVID. But because I had the skill of planning, that were able to navigate a lot better through. So you never know what's going to happen. And I think that it becomes very very important when you don't know what's going to happen to have a skill of planning so that when the next thing happens, whatever that might be that you're ready to hit the ground running and go forward. And because otherwise, you just aimless. And you just heading off in any direction and you don't have that clarity of where you're going. I love that phrase, the skill of planning. I've never heard that before. That's really great. Well, I saw that my business culture, I actually worked with now on doing something consulting work with him. And when COVID hit in Australia in March April last year, the businesses that had done the hard yards of building the skill of planning got through it so much easier easier than the ones that didn't I felt like they were well behind the 8 ball because I'm panicking trying to figure out what to do. Yeah, and then you're trying to figure it out in a stressful, sometimes panicking situation where your brain doesn't work well then anyway. Right? The crocodile brain here in Australia, but it's probably the alligator branded in the world. Exactly. Exactly, right? Yeah, I think that's really, really valuable. And it really does mean looking at every aspect of your business and making sure that you are getting the right advice, the right input, feedback, you know, whatever all those things are. And one more question for you. So having said all of this,.

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