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I know i thought i'd give you a little bit and it can't we can talk about pizza so good friday fifty seven percent of pizza people say they love and pizza uh he us surprising well maybe some people just like it well that's they say there's people who say they know love it but they like it a lot two percent of people say they hate pizza thrown with i got a question somebody that hates pizza they maybe they have again gluten in a dairy allergy and doesn't mean the hate and they don't eat night shades are isn't tomato and nightshade now he candidates tomato if they are uncertain diets i've never heard that before night nightshade what is that's certain fruit thought that was mushrooms i really don't know i thought it was fruits hunter now the tom brady thing i read so as hamad ray thing of course it is on trying to think of you know what's on a pizza and why you could ever say you drinking avocado smoothies too i down ilk i like avocados but i wouldn't want him an ice cream or smoothies almost a quarter of people say they can needed entire pizza just by themselves how you more even though i don't even know that they're still three pieces left and i'm like you should stop i can still do it via an i probably wealth our favor toppings are just plain cheese yonhap arroni sausage mushrooms bacon bacon i don't like bacon i don't want they came out greece onions green peppers black olives canadian bacon and pineapple all right well there you go make pizza talk everyone it is the actually i take that back i order uh uh potato bacon pizza all the time it i'm a that's an can't believe i didn't think of that make it's really greasy uh yeah potato hey though do any case slice up little potatoes and they chips like chip size but they're they're fatter than that and they.

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