A highlight from Episode 58 The Bad Batch ''Aftermath'


Buy for the szeswith twenty pound off amongst figure more four hundred and five pound. Okay fifties are less bucket and you also get a special may may the fourth disney key. Yes is like a red one. I personally don't cry the keys with something my partner. Holly keep saying to me who. I think i want the keys. I'm like we're going to do with them. I don't know what all the keys. What are they just joke. Do they arrive. The don't unlock anything when you go to disney to this theme parks li- special deals. Oh thus give a disappointment. And well i oklahoma and else Recently aw i didn't buy today book. I bought a few days finally came. Today is the first foot in the star wars high republic series controversially it. Some people say it's really good people say by. I'm holly dogmatists. Won't i incubate read. And then i'm gonna follow press. We could get review offer. Maybe i'll scholar scholar in residence. Now that's like a razor quest. I this one that. I definitely one. I must admit. I put my money my money down for the has lab model. Which hopefully coming out. This fall Hopefully not A destroyed one so overly a little being in one facebook. I'm quite looking forward to that and That's costing me about just over three hundred pounds but i'm looking forward to that. You know paid pay for that. I think also. I played while aboard as a digital download. 'cause i could not find a physical. Dissed star wars republic commandos for the playstation full which. I am playing on my playstation five. Now i originally bought an xbox jokes to play that game. 'cause i really wanted it and it was such a good experience and you really start careful the characters in it but sam plane on the. Ps five man is hard. It's really hard you chris as because i'm playing with old hands my my hand eye coordination is not that good anymore. I'm battling for it. Just like a hardened and clone warrior. Yeah definitely but it's really good. Graphics wise is. I mean it's great. It's really as good and all the clones are by I think. I think the voices are by the actual guy did the claims in the in the actual film actually belt the tv's irs in the film. Was this time tomorrow and tomorrow. I can't remember his name to mike. play tomorrow. something. Yeah yeah. Three good There is the things the actually came out on this stall was day. I'm not sure if all the news is out. yeah. I'm recording at seven o'clock. Uk time so there may be more news items outlet today that we didn't see the biggest things thing we saw was that disney announced Well didn't even announce an that about two months ago. a retractable lightsaber. So if you guys galaxies at right now and you build a light taybeh. It has a solid team while blade you know because that's how they how they make them. Disney has obviously been working very hot in the background. To make a retractable one and We sorta trademarks bust The patterns and then on a investor cool. They showed off but they said they shut off by to show us a now. Today may showed us a forcing second clip. And what do you think that Well until today. I'd only seen the putting they released and it looked quite complicated. When i'm just looking at now so low police ind wheels and stuff like that am. It made no sense whatsoever to to my i solved. Look like a might say spouse but then you. Chris sent me the link. And i was like what that's amazing. I can't believe it. it's like my own. My childhood dreams come true. And i've down play this clip on youtube. Keep clicking back to the point. Where the ray. The actress plays rate not. Actually the actress that plays right. But he says standing lookalike she says ron she she sets it off and it goes up and back down. Slight wobbling it. I don't know if that's because how she's holding it. But i'm flabbergasted with it. I'm just unbelievable. And when he takes a bit wobbly. That's because obviously the technology. So to what. I understand the technology behind as that. Imagine you obviously have said jackie zip. So what's actually happening is is a piece of roller rollerball plastic that as it goes upwards it stitches together into a shoe to become solid. Saas what you see about the woman us Mean really the only way that truly going to be able to do it without being you know a a for tone beam thing And yeah i think it looks pretty cool. We obviously haven't really seen it yet. You don't really know that you know if if you have one of these lies abors and he hit with it with the bag. The blades band obviously better know yet. We'll see this blade on the hype hearing crews. Aw later in twenty twenty I fully suspected that these lies sabres. will not be able to be more i think that exclusively made for the Starship hotel and i think that to mass produce would be all of money and if they're already charging two hundred for the ones in a while two hundred dollars for the ones in god sees. I suspect that these would be far more money. Because there's a lot more things happening inside them. The only thing that yeah. I think we don't have now online on with lies sabres if the actual power of them is in hudson. You unless it's cow. Cast as i say but that the now Lighting because if you paint falling onto you know that you still have hair stormtrooper many times for them to die. Yeah that is very true. There's one thing in jaffa novas glide just doesn't work the physics of it just as well when it comes to enemies now. I'm just on youtube. But i've got complained. Backup point five speed to see this. Lightsaber emerged and you can actually see the tip of it. Actually the just before it likes you can see the tip of it and then shocked face it and it planet really slow chris. It looks like to me that shoot so self so the zip in technology is actually inside the whole the whole so. You don't actually see it goes zip. I'm just kind of get over it as soon

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