A highlight from Wall Streets Bitcoin Isnt Your Bitcoin


About identity. Because the artistic. Bitcoin identity i admire value has been subverted by the neutering machine of wall street and the regulatory panopticon of the us treasury department because what made bitcoin special in the first place is nearly lost and what remains is a false and constructed narrative that exists in service to wall street and washington rather than in resistance. Yes the nudging state and the nudging oligarchy strike back. They always do when it comes to money now with imperial stormtroopers or legislative sanction with golden handcuffs and administrative surveillance. It's not that the state and the status quo institutionalization of capital call it wall street for short have any desire to ban bitcoin. Why would they do that. No far better to accommodate and swallow. Bitcoin like they have every other financial innovation for the past one thousand years far better to neuter the censorship resistant and anonymity preserving aspects of bitcoin and turn into another gaming table in the wall street. Casino in my dystopia envisioned. Bitcoin is and bander criminalized. That's a rookie week state move. No i see a future where everyone buys bitcoin where you are encouraged by bitcoin were. Bitcoin is sold you morning noon and night where normally economists on conference calls late at night because they're bitcoin price curious except it's not really bitcoin instead it's bitcoin exclamation tm a cartoon version of the. Oh gee bitcoin either. A wall street abstracted representation of the price of bitcoin or a government painted version of bitcoin and dayglo. Orange either way abstracted or painted your bitcoin. Tm is trackable and traceable fully kyc and am l. enough barin swift and every other us treasury akron compliant. Either way your bitcoin. Tm has the revolutionary potential of a bumper sticker and all the identity signaling power of a small tattoo on your upper arm bitcoin. Tm doesn't stick it to the man. Bitcoin tm is the man. Welcome to the twenty twenty. One hunger games

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