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Use of Denia listening to Bloomberg daybreak Europe. We have a lot of moves in these markets. Let's start off the stock. Six hundred words, just taking a little bit lower here. Remember that done? Get Banquo's weighed on banking stocks and commodities related sectors also declining as we speak. I mean, it's a jam packed day. In terms of economic news. You looking here at some of the standouts the downscale by dropping just under seven percent after it cut its outlook Glencorse at focus as well. Dropping three percent after lowering its twenty nineteen production. Forecasts on the positive side. Chartered jumped four point two percent after announcing that one billion dollar buyback with its first quarter results BP's on the move marginally though nine tenths of one percent after they hit their targets for the first quarter in terms of. Prophet in estimates. Invest is going to be looking at for euro-zone GDP that's coming on on day. Remedy session in Asia was pretty much dominated by lack of liquidity. Japanese markets are still off line for a holiday a little bit upset coming through in China that is despite economic figures and some of the initial earnings from Asia, not really telling the story that investors wanted to see at least those who are betting on a bull bull side of of the markets. US handover was a record high for the S and P five hundred futures are taking a little bit lower though at the moment on the s&p five hundred mini so questions about sustainability endure ability of some of these new record highs reached faintly again, you got some news coming through as well from Turkey inflation figures reporting represented by the central Bank or presented by the central Bank. That is on live go. We're waiting for the inflation numbers. We keep a close eye on that. And quick note as well. It's happening in the currencies and commodities markets. So the Bloomberg dollar index continues to set the tone. We are at the moment tenths of one percent higher. Some of your other key pairs here. Dolly ended one hundred eleven thirty down three tenths of one percent. It's been been moving ever so slightly and cable is flat at one twenty nine forty. Three commodities bids would Brent crude at the moment and a little bit higher tenths of one percent and golden limit higher as well. Which is interesting given the strength of the dollar one thousand two hundred eighty three dollars an ounce. That's a picture of what is happening in these markets. Let's now talk in detail about some of the top stories we are carefully watching for you starting off with a Bloomberg scoop telecom giant Vodafone found security flaws in Hawaii equipment as long as a decade ago. And this report from two thousand nine found twenty-six bugs in Hawaii routers, which could have given the Chinese company access to sensitive user data now Vodafone began deeper probe into route of under buildings and twenty and eleven and later. Found back with present in the Italian fixed-asset access network, both Vodafone and a while we maintain that these issues were resolved shortly after they will raise Bloomberg sources say that underbellies remain beyond twenty twelve and we're also president UK Germany Spain Portugal. China's first official gauge of manufacturing PM is fell in April. Bloomberg daybreak Asia incur, Bryan Curtis has more from the manufacturing. PM? I stood at fifty point one down from fifty point five in March that sunshine, private sector index was also lower but still in expansionary mode. The data suggests that the economy while recovering is still somewhat fragile Bloomberg intelligence says the second month of a fifty is a positive sign in the coming months will benefit from continued policies support. It might suggest the dreaded Goldilocks label Kong. I'm Bryan Curtis. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. President Trump is escalating the showdown with Democrats in congress investigating his finances. He sued doce Bank Capital One to keep them from complying with congressional subpoenas targeting. His Bank records suit calls. The subpoenas harassment. Has said it will buy back as much as one billion dollars of shares. This is the first time the lender has returned cash to investors in this way for more than two decades. It comes after it over one billion dollars settlement with US regulators. This was over its repeated violation of Iran sanctions. Get to some of the other earnings Coca Cola. European partners has reported a eight point five percent rise in first-quarter revenues coming in two point five. Eight billion euros firm says it's been a good start to the year and has also reaffirmed its full year twenty nineteen guidance. Joining me now for an exclusive interview is Nick John county, easy, CFO Coca Cola European partners. Nick, let's start off with your thoughts on what you seeing in terms of trends in demand. Have there been any shifts any any notable outliers? Yeah. Usa thanks for having me. And I I think we're very pleased with good set of results that we announced this morning as you rightfully said, you know, two point six billion euros in revenues in the first quarter up eight and a half percent or five and a half percent, excluding the impact of the soft drink taxes. So when we look at the trends, clearly, these numbers supportive of the kind of trends that we're seeing one we continue to see sparkling beverages grow. We've done a lot in terms of innovation with new flavors that we've launched and the most recent one with diet coke and coke light twisted strawberry with seeing a move towards teas waters of more, energy drinks. And all those in line again with some of the invasions, we just launched monster coffee. We've launched fused t in different variants as well as on his tea and honest lemonade and then finally also Aquarius, which is a functional. And health focused water. So those are the trends, we're seeing more importantly, we continue to see growth across our categories. And you know, if we look out the next ten years we continue to see about thirty billion euros at retail value in growth of cross the RTD category, which is the non alcoholic ready to drink sector. Nick. What about some of the discrepancies or disparities in geographies in how they're contributing to your bottom line and your top line, strengthen Britain unlimited weakness in Spain would that be with accurate? Well, that's the I would say we're very pleased with the results across all five main geographic business units. GB continued to be very strong as you said and Spain actually grew three and a half percent revenues as well. On the back of some poor weather last year. Remember Spain's one of our large home markets away from home markets, you've sent to see more of that growth come through in the second in the third quarter as but no we're pleased across the board with performance across all five business units. Have you had to make any more contingency plans, given the uncertainty of the Brexit process? Yeah. Great question. You know, I think we'd all like a lot more certainty. But as we prepare an have been preparing for this for the last couple of years going into the first quarter. We've made sure that both our customers are well-stocked. So there was some stockpiling that happened to make sure that we could have products on shelves for consumers as well. As making sure that from a supply of perspective, we've got the key raw materials and packaging materials stored up to avoid any disruption to production process. Sees invest is always keen to hear about dividends and by Bax any updates on the back. Well, absolutely. So we announced a one and a half billion euro buy back program last year and be completed five hundred million last year, and we're very much on track with our plans for that incremental billion during two thousand nineteen we also announced our first half dividend this morning at sixty two eurocents, which is a nineteen percent increase over the same period last year. And on an annualized basis would be about a seventeen percent increase in line with our strategy of continuing to return cash to show has and reaching fifty percent dividend payout ratio. Make what are your plans for the cost of business? So we Bloomberg news spoke with you in March. You were talking about the potential for ready to drink option. What's the latest on that? Well, we continue to be excited about the opportunities with cost to the company has closed this aquisition and in the process of working through more detailed plans. I think Reggie drink is probably the most imminent focus and a more to come in the next few weeks, and what are some of the other risks that you might might have us sleeping a little bit less on any given days that perhaps the rise of some of the some of the more health conscious beverages. Absolutely. I would say these two main factors that were focused in on. So as you rightfully said focus around some of the healthier beverages or perceived healthy beverages, and that's very much in line with our beverages for life strategy, which is offering choice to consumers and continuing to offer low and no sugar variance, in fact, most wouldn't realize but in two thousand eighteen forty five percent of us sales came in from low on no sugar products to consumers the other piece that I would highlight is obviously a plastic packaging, and I think would doing a lot to be focused around trying to develop well-designed deposit scheme systems in the markets to encourage the recyclability, the recovery, and then the recyclability and then the re-use of that plastic back into our product. We've set a very ambitious target to recover one hundred percent of the packages. We. Put out into the market. We've all suspected him bishops of vicious target to have over fifty percent of recycled BT back talk products in today with just over twenty eight percents so with focused on those. But clearly those arrests that we aware off the mic it's been a real toy having.

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