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Yeah. It does. And I think that it's interesting because it feels like McClintock is pretty calculated. But what he does. But I have a feeling at some point this offseason. Like, he's going to be negotiating. And then I just I get the feeling Middleton's gonna come in and just say just get him. Just get him. Love it, just go the Matt's. Like, we're not going above three fifty Milton comes in four hundred don't care, and I get that perspective because every team thinks that way dollars and cents a numbers. But really when you think about it's almost like when you purchase anything in life. Like, if you're willing to pay this much just pay a little bit more, you really want to get it. Right. If you're going to pay three fifty and it like if you're going to pay four hundred you're gonna pay three fifty and the like, the nationals are gonna are going to pay layer whoever's gonna pay three sixty just get it up to four hundred right? If you want someone bad enough to to offer three hundred and fifty million dollars, you probably want know enough talk for four hundred no excuse to be out there. There's autism. Yeah. It's it's one thing if they decide a is not for us. Right. If they decide we're not pursuing this player, I made agree with that. But that's that's a hard line stance and philosophy to be outbid specially if the Yankees aren't involved, and I'm I'm really frankly shocked that they've seemingly are not involved for these two guys. We'll see if the changes. But if you don't the Yankees are cubs involved better, not get outbid guy. Eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four pound four nine four to hop. Let's get back to our conversation. And we were talking about what we want out of athletes in this town. And I was saying, look, I I think we go overboard with the grit. We over go overboard with the hustle. I think we go under is underboard the term. We don't pay enough mind to simply having the best talent. And all I want out of my athletes, whether it's made Machado Bryce Harper lower level. Guys Carson Wentz. Joel Embiid Santana comington a million guys played here now or play the past is two things. I want you to have town. It'd be a good player at the bottom line. Good, great, even better. And I want you to care. About winning.

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