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Businesses date range of the stock market could rebound from the biggest selloff in thirty three years a ten percent drop for the Dow futures for the Dow up around eleven hundred the US has retaliated in a rock for the rocket attack this week to kill two Americans and a British soldier targeting an Iranian backed militia U. S. Air Force jets bombed five weapons storage sites used by could keep Hezbollah the Pentagon said the building's house Katusha rockets used to launch the attacks on fox's Lucas Tomlinson America's listening to fox news with one oh six one FM talk the impact of corona virus now being felt across the state beyond canceling field trips many school systems are now preparing for the possibility they could be closed for several weeks some extending spring break others starting it early others still just taking a wait and see approach sporting events are being canceled or postponed across the state the North Carolina high school athletic association announced yesterday all spring sports are suspended through April sixth the commissioner saying they need to err on the side of caution also being cautious the NC double way they've canceled all winter and spring championships including March madness in the men's and women's basketball tournaments the ACC it already called off the remainder of that tournament other sports associations also hitting the pause button include the NHL and Major League Baseball governor Cooper urging groups and organizations to limit gatherings to no more than one hundred people Mike Moore reports it's the recommendation of a Cooper that events where more than one hundred people will be gathered be canceled uber also addressing state employers to have their employees telework the recommendations of statewide and to begin on Friday fronting this sixteen percent of cases of covert nineteen that's the number as of Thursday also on Thursday governor Cooper updated the state lab testing numbers seventy two people have been tested he said the capacity is there to test seven hundred I'm Mike Miller the historic high point market is postponed over corona virus concerns the one hundred eleven year old home furnishings market was scheduled for April twenty fifth through the twenty ninth instead that'll be moved to a later date it's only been canceled one time before that was back in nineteen forty two in the midst of World War two for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explaining not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio lap or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Kyle Wilson from the JD ServiceNow plumbing heating air conditioning traffic center forty westbound slow from lake Wheeler to Gorman little bit slow for forty westbound between Newport Avenue and capital Boulevard watch for an accident Raleigh Boulevard Oakwood Avenue Scott Burnett a one oh six one FM talk bod.

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