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Between a sunny day with twenty six degrees. Or a rainy day with sixteen is about between twelve and twenty two one in terms. Of sales the difference between a good summer like this some like, last year's could. Be, easily maybe three to one on the entire. Season We we have to. Make, our living definitely. In, six months and within, sixty days those six months are. Going to be the good weather it's an eighty percents of it will be on those days and does it have a the temperature maximum which you kind of. Start to lose out a little bit because. If it gets too hot then people just aren't really wondering around eating too much Also very good question. It depends on where you at you by the beach it can never get to because Audrey gets more? People will come to beach if, you're in a city or in the market like RIA There is a point at which people just, hide indoors Go to the beach exactly and I mean as far, as also I used to work, in a bakery many many, years ago in the summertime the, fridges were were really really under a lot of. Pressure and you must find that as well in this if you've got a. Lot of Frigyes that they are kind of working overtime Yup and, as I mentioned earlier we're not, really kitted out with air conditioning this country now. So a freezers and we struggling to to stay cool enough but so far Thank goodness the, Italian kids have Calculated some hot weather in. And, they're not giving up yet, well that? Would be, the thing wouldn't it I mean because we don't mean we don't handle, the hot, weather, terribly. Well here. But Italy Spain Greece Since of countries handling flow, better? Than we do yeah well their lifestyle is. Better Justice I grew up in Greece in fact and you know. Schools, closed tens of June open, again in? September everybody's, asleep from about two to five pm right not rushing around in the, tube in, London, now True very true what are..

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