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To family join me in expressing gratitude to the men and women of the US postal service from the cremation society of Minnesota weather center today another windy one partly cloudy up to ninety today in Minneapolis St Paul the wind out of the south gusting to about thirty five today tonight Denver seventy tomorrow sunny breezy and warmer our high tomorrow right around ninety four ideology shot cable on Twin Cities newstalk eight AM eleven thirty right now it's sixty four this report is sponsored by St Paul college securing your future has never been more important St Paul college offers one of the lowest tuition costs anywhere with many financial assistance options their credits transfer to schools all over the state and nation classes start may twenty six June first and June twenty ninth learn more at Saint Paul dot EDU Chris Lindahl listing the studio news Minneapolis two seven eight your Monday edition of justice injured Jason Lewis former talk show host and former member of the United States house of representatives current Senate candidate for the United States Senate will be joining us at a eight thirty five I kinda like Senate aide yeah it shortened yes it's when you take Senate candidate you just like I don't feel like saying both of those words I like so to set a date for never heard that before very common I.

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